Contentment vs. Covetousness
Realizing that true happiness
does not depend on favorable
If you can’t be content with what you
have received, be thankful for what
you have escaped.
Contentment is
knowing that you
deserve worse than
what you have.
Contentment is the
realization that what
you have is because
of others that have
Contentment is
the ability to
find treasure in
what you have
vs. what you
don’t have.
We in America are not content with our lot, until it’s a lot more.
We like to have:
A better paying Job.
The authority of a boss.
The best home.
The best car.
The best body.
The best food.
And we want it NOW!
It’s right to be content with what you have, but never with who
you are. This leaves room for improvement in character.
When Rockefeller was asked how much is enough, his response
was, “a little bit more.” What is wrong with this statement?
It breeds greed.
It breeds power and control.
It shows that he is not content with what he has.
It shows insecurity.
It shows covetousness.
The best way for a person to be content, is to count their
blessings and not their:
When we can’t find contentment in ourselves, it’s
useless to seek anywhere else.
It is who you are, not what you have. It is a peace
from within, not what this world can give you.
Do not think to be content at the end of life’s journey, if you are
not content now.
All the stuff in the middle builds character.
Contentment must come at the beginning of life.
Hope for the best, and love what
you’ve got.
Don’t try to keep up with the
Jones's, they’re in way over their
heads too.
The main secret behind
contentment, is knowing how to
enjoy what you have, and to be
able to lose all interest in the
things beyond your reach.
A new way of thinking.
You live in a 1200 square foot house with three rooms and
one bath. The house has very little pictures or paintings, but
lots of old things from the family. You would like to build a
new home with more baths and rooms. You want a garage and
new cabinets in the kitchen. You have two children that are
happy and have fond memories in their play room.
One day you come home from work and find that your house
has been burnt down to the ground. Your two children were
just trying to start a fire in the stove, and they never made it
How thankful would you be if you could get what you had back?
Contentment is not found in wealth, or poverty. Both have been tried, both have failed.
What are you content with as you go through life? Write it down.
You get a
We are born job, you are
content with content
As a youth,
I now am
with what?
You get a
you are
You get
you are
You retire,
you are
You have
a child,
you are
You are
dying, and
you are
You have
you are
content with?

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