NIIT Cloud Campus

Enhancing Student Experience
Cloud Learning Enablers
Highlight, annotate & review as
you learn using dynamic, rich
course content
Benefit from
interaction with
Faculty in class and
experts from across
Get hands-on
learning from
anywhere with a
24x7 guided lab
Download Missed
lessons to stay on
top of your
Hang out with
classmates on the
cloud, while solving
assignments with
Improve your scores &
learning with each online
practice test you take
NIIT Cloud Campus: Today
Why Revamp?
Emphasizing the Cloud Campus
• It should be “the” campus- anytime,
anywhere NIIT center with all learning and
support services available at one place
• It should “Connect” with me
“The” Cloud Campus
All services available here
Cloud and Collaborative learning services
Cloud Classroom
Cloud Courseware
Anywhere Lab
Lesson on Demand
Online Assessment
BuddyNet Learning
My Schedule
Standard default learning plan
Personalize learning plan with custom entries*
Set Alarms, Reminder*
Instructor/ Faculty Connect
Send/ View messages from faculty
Faculty Online? Chat with the Faculty
Book an appointment*
Visit Faculty Blogs*
Student Services Assistant
Administrative services- eg. Request-Cloud Courseware, Program Change etc
* In the future versions
The Campus ‘connects’ with the
• Displays latest activities and top grossers
• Campus Recommends*
– Discussions
– Groups
– Blogs
• Allows Student to define ‘Favorites’
– Personalize Campus Space
– Define links to favorite items
• We’ re listening
– Complaints/ Compliments/ Feedbacks/Surveys
* In the next version
Thus, the new Cloud Campus
1. Provides Hassle free access to site content - intuitive
2. Accessible in minimum clicks
3. Personalization possible
4. Has a persona: to speak to the students/ recommend!
5. Unified with existing : a single entity
6. Makes it easy to collaborate- friends/ faculty
7. Engaging - better learning experience
Unveiling the new Cloud Campus
The 6 Learning Services
available upfront on
the top Left
Know your Campus
After logging in, you are inside your NIIT Cloud Campus!
The Schedule/ Learning
Plan to plan my
What is a Campus without my
Instructor. I could never see him/
her online earlier. Now I can even
Chat with him/ her!
I can tag my favorites and
personalize my learning
The campus notifies me on
important items through the
Bulletin Board space!
The Campus announces
Events also here!
Know your Campus
The Campus Buzz – what other students
are upto is available in What’s Up. It
motivates me to collaborate and Learn!
The 2 hangers for
Top5 Blogs and Discussions
are updated daily- and I know
what to check-out
Here is the link to enter
the Placement Zone!
The footer : carries links to;; Contact Us->Locate a
Center; Site Feedback and Site Map
Quick Links to access Academic Policy, Declarations
and the newsletter
You can chat with your
online friends here!
The Top Menu
• Comprehensive, Integrated, Concise Menu
• Not left out any functionality outside the
Menu/Postlogin page
– Learndesk: Learning Enablers and Academic
Program specific
– Campus Connect: Friends and Batchmates
accessible upfront
– Student Services: Admin Services
The Top Menu
Note: MT Prep
Zone(Menu), Magic
Key(Programs)continued for legacy
support (CCC student
having any non CCC
program too!)
The Quick Access Interaction Area!
Course-wise learning services still
Important Enhancements
1. My Profile- allows management of
Personal, Academic, Professional,
Password and also- Personalization
setting of ‘Default program’, BuddyNet
Profile Management
2. 2 quick access hangers available on
postlogin page
1. Compliments, Complaints
2. Feedback, Survey
3. 3 quick access hangers available on all
inner pages: Home, Schedule,
My Profile
Change Password
BuddyNet Profile
Menu Options
4. The all-encompassing Menu options
• Learndesk
– Programs- Attendance, Payment, Feedback (& Magic Key wrt ant
non CCC Program) wrt the selected Program
– Courses- When in a mood to study all the Learning
Services pertaining to a specific course, click here!
– Performance- All the Assessment Reports that were
scattered across many pages in the old,
will be found here
– Schedule- The Learning Plan, also accessible from the
Postlogin page
– Experts Answer- Ask doubts from technology specific
Module Test Preparation Zone- For non CCC curriculum students
– Learning Services- All the 6 Cloud Learning Services, as
applicable to your program, available upfront!
Menu Options
• Campus Connect – Know about
your Batchmates and Friends,
their Program/ Center/
BuddyNet Profile, Participation
in various collaborative
learning activities
– Batchmates
– Friends
– Search
Menu Options
Student Services: Provides common-head-access
to many options today disintegrated under
different options on the erstwhile student portal
– Resource Request
Cloud Courseware
Reference Material
– Service Request
Vendor Exam
Program Change
Supplementary Exam
Status Change
Domain Confirmation
– Downloads
Device/Data Card
CDM Courseware
– We’re Listening
– Online Payment
– Certificate Details
Chat with your Online Friend(s)
Click on the Friends Online button always present at
the RHS bottom to check out if any of your friends is
up and awake!
Oh Yes! There is 1 … Vikramaditya
You may ask if he knows the answer to that nagging doubt in your mind…
Is the Instructor available online?
Chat with your Online Instructor:
Is the instructor Online? Take the cursor on the Instructor Chat button
and find out
Yes, Paramjeet Ma’am is!
Knowledge Central:
Fac portal integrated with Student
Cloud Campus
• Site goes live on NIIT Foundation Day – 2nd
Dec 2013
• Is applicable to all CCC Students
• Non CCC Students will continue to work on
the existing
• DIS Heads to plan roll out for all centres in the
period 25th Nov to 30th Nov 2013

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