The Clinical Competency Committee (CCC)

The Clinical
Committee (CCC)
The GME Team
Clinical Competency
Committee (CCC)
Each program is required to operate a Clinical
Competence Committee (CCC), a group
comprised of 3 or more members of the active
teaching faculty
conducts regularly scheduled meetings
to review the progress of every resident in the
meetings must be at least quarterly (many
programs will need to be at shorter intervals)
Clinical Competency
Committee (CCC)
advisory to the program director
considers all written rotational and other
evaluations, and discusses any non-congruence
between written evaluations and their experiences
with each resident
Clinical Competency
Committee (CCC)
The provision of frank feedback by the CCC to the
program director is an important process for
determining whether the resident’s performance is
accurately revealed in the rotational evaluations.
The CCC discussion and recommendations are
communicated to the program director for feedback
to the resident, and are considered equal in weight
to the written evaluations.
Clinical Competency
Committee (CCC)
The CCC may maintain written minutes, and if so,
must employ the CCC Minutes template, which lists
the names of all residents considered and all CCC
members in attendance.
As a peer review process, documents are subject
to peer review protection.
CCC Minutes
CCC Minutes
CCC Minutes
The CCC and Milestones
Residents will undergo a structured evaluation against
milestones (in most specialties this will be done semiannually).
The CCCs will review and use assessment data, including
faculty member assessments of residents on rotations, self
evaluations, peer evaluations, and evaluations by nurses
and other staff members.
Each program may continue to use its current resident
assessment tools, and phase in tools developed
specifically for the milestones when these become
available. Programs in Phase I specialties will submit their
initial milestone data in December 2013 and June 2014.

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