Lingraphica Speech-Generating Devices, Apps, and Online

Disclosure Statement
Brianne Kosch, M.A., CCC-SLP
Lingraphica Clinical Consultant
Financial—Receives a salary from Lingraphica
where she is the Clinical Consultant.
Nonfinancial— No relevant nonfinancial
relationship exists.
Our Mission
For more than 20 years, Lingraphica has been
dedicated to helping adults with aphasia and related
disorders re-establish independent communication.
History of Lingraphica
Aphasia research behind the Lingraphica began
Research explored:
• Use of icons by people with aphasia
• Use of Visual Communication (VIS) – icon based language
Research focused on application of
emerging technology on disabilities
A computer-based version called
CVIC, was created by researchers at the
Palo Alto VA Hospital.
Lingraphica founded
First Lingraphica SGD produced
The Challenge
PWA need: A lifetime of continuous, inexpensive rehabilitation.
PWA get:
A small number of expensive therapy sessions.
Prognosis: Bad and getting worse.
The Solution
Speech-Generating Devices
Person with
TalkPath Therapy:
Online Speech Therapy and App
Speech-Generating Devices
Meet the Lingraphica Devices
Meet the Lingraphica SGDs
SGDs designed for PWA
• Adult-like icons and vocabulary
• Icon “Projection”
• Easy to edit and customize
• Animated verb icons
• Contextual Scenes
• Therapy Exercises and
Practice Videos
Lingraphica Apps for
Assessment, & Therapy
Apps for Communication/Therapy
Lingraphica’s Assessment Tool
Lingraphica TalkPath
Online Speech Therapy
Online Speech Therapy
TalkPath Therapy
Lingraphica’s TalkPath
Therapy is a speech
therapy solution with
more than 4,600
exercises that can be
used by SLPs and their
clients both online via a
computer or the iPad or
offline on the iPad.
Online Speech Therapy
SLPs can:
• Manage multiple clients on
one platform
• Track patient progress
• Design an individualized
therapy plan for clients
Clients can:
• Practice on their own (aphasiafriendly design)
• Track progress
• Access the plan established by
their SLP anytime, anywhere
Lingraphica Assessment Tools
Brianne Kosch, M.A. CCC-SLP
Lingraphica Clinical Consultant
[email protected]
(609) 275-7217

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