Arranging myself and my
surroundings to achieve greater
Orderliness vs. Confusion
There is an order to all things, and all things
must stay in their order. (Tim D Remington)
Without order there is chaos and confusion,
and with chaos and confusion, there is
insanity and even death.
Depression is a sign of disorder, things that
are out of place in ones life causes other
things to get out of order.
If your home is out of order then your job
will soon become disorganized. Your brain
will concentrate on the thing that is out of
order until it is fixed, or put in order. This is
where the confusion is started.
Today’s preparation will determine
tomorrow’s achievements.
There are five steps to being orderly:
1) Plan: Always plan ahead if it can be done.
Preplanning allows for a schedule to be
written, and adhered too. It also allows others
to see and know your schedule. Your mind
knows that you must maintain this schedule
and keeps you calm and orderly.
2) Prepare: Always prepare for what you will
be doing. Last minute preparation causes
stress and anxiety. If you are stressed, you
may not be able to function properly and
keep order to anything else. Stress gives you
headaches, and with headaches there is
attention deficit. When you can’t pay
attention to the thing that you are doing, you
will get confused and out of order, further
behind all the time.
Prepare and prevent instead of repair and repent.
3) Proper sleep and diet: Always get a good
amount of sleep so you are fresh and alert.
Without sleep you will become lethargic and
unable to focus on priorities. The lack of sleep
is a major cause of confusion and lack of
order. We all need 7-8 hours of sleep to
handle an alert 16 hour day. Diet is the food
for the brain that trains it to be alert or
malfunctioning. Food is the process in which
your body builds energy off of to think and
concentrate. Good food is healthy thinking
bad food is unhealthy thinking.
4) Proceed with caution: In order to maintain
orderliness, you must proceed with caution.
Think before doing something, seek advise
before advancing. Have decisions go through
channels to help you make the right one. Ask
your spouse what they think, have a family
meeting. Snap decisions bring on disorder
and confusion. Find out the facts about what
you are going to do before you do them.
Research the matter before a decision is made
so you don’t have to do it over.
5) Practice what you have learned: When you
have a system that works, use it, practice it.
Many people go to many seminars on how to
be orderly and effective but they do not
practice what they have learned. Thus, they
forget the information that they have been
taught. Orderly life patterns are ones that are
practiced all the time.
Practice makes things a whole lot better.
When your thirsty, it’s to late to start
thinking of digging a well. You are out of
You can usually tell when you are out of
order when it takes you twice as long to do
something as it used to. You are either a lot
older or confused, or both.
What is out of order in your life?
Your personal life?
Your family life?
Your Job?
Your spirituality?
Put these in the order that they belong.
If you want to win and be successful, you
must keep in order.
Have you ever played dots or tick tack toe out
of order and won?
It’s the same principle in cleaning the house.
You don’t mop the floors before you sweep.
You don’t dry your clothes before you wash
You don’t discipline your children before they
do something wrong.
You don’t get paid before you do the work.
A state of great disorder.
How many people in the world do you see as
Is there anyone that you could share this
lesson with that you know would benefit from
How much of a mess is your life?
Is your house cluttered?
Your behind on
You feel like you
are running in
Your children are
Your cars a wreck?
What steps can we do to be more orderly?
At the home?
At work?
By yourself?
Give examples:

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