Boldness Vs. Fearfulness
Confidence that what I have to say or
do is true, right, and just.
The character quality of boldness will
demonstrate high morals in the face of an
immoral world.
When we dare not to be bold with what
we believe, we need to ask ourselves,
“Do we really believe it?”
Boldness isn’t
fighting over
right and wrong,
It’s putting truth
back in place.
Without the boldness to stand up for truth, we shall surely lose it.
The character of boldness must be matched
with humility.
The boldness to speak
must be matched by the
wisdom to listen.
Be bold in what you
stand for, but careful in
what you fall for.
Some people would consider themselves to be bold, when they are
only being foolish.
The difference between boldness and bigmouth is “character.”
Boldness is not the absence of fear, but
strength to face it.
Never be afraid to go out on a
limb… that is where the fruit is.
Boldness doesn’t have to be something that we
say, it just demonstrates who we are.
Our freedom in the United States is a possession of all those that
have the boldness to defend it.
What we say must be established upon a truth that gives us
boldness to speak it. But, where do we find the truth?
In ourselves?
In the stars?
In others?
Truth was never
lost. It just is!
In the bars?
Boldness is the ability to stand up against someone
who is not demonstrating good character.
Why is it that our country has lost this ability to act
against poor character?
Fear of rejection!
Fear of retaliation!
Fear of being wrong!
Can’t recognize poor
character, because they
have not seen good
character exercised.
Fear is the leading factor for people not
boldly standing up for the truth.
Where is it that you are having problems with
On the job?
Are you afraid of saying
something against wrong because
you could lose you job?
At home?
Are you afraid of doing what is
right at home because it will
cause strife?
With your friends?
Are you afraid of losing your friends if you speak
up for what is right?
B-Boldly standing for the truth.
O-Oppose those that do wrong.
L-Look for the right moment.
D-Divide truth from error.
N-Never compromise.
E-Endure conflict.
S-Separate yourself from foolish debate.
S-Sin not. (watch your anger)
Group discussion
Where is it that you lack boldness?
What can you do to become more bold?
What is it that you fear in being bold?
If you could be bold in your past, what is it that you would
do differently? And how would it have changed your life?
The year was 1546 in England. Her name was Anne Askew. Anne
Askew was imprisoned and greatly tortured for her faith in her God.
Placed on a cruel rack, her joints and bones were pulled out of place.
She fainted from the tremendous pain, but when she regained
consciousness, she preached for two hours to her tormentors.
On the day of her execution, she was carried to the stake in a chair
because her bones were dislocated and she couldn’t walk. At the last
moment, she was offered the king’s pardon if she would recant. She
“I did not come here to deny my Lord and Master.”
She died praying for her murderers in the midst of the flames.
Boldness is standing up for the truth, no matter the consequence.
How do we gain the character of boldness when we
have these fears?
First: Have
confidence that
what you have to
say or do is true,
right, and just.
Third: Know
that whatever
you are standing
up for will
change the lives
of people for the
Second: Know the
material so you
may present it
with clarity, and
Fourth: Present
whatever you have to
say or do with
kindness, gentleness,
and humility. If not,
you will be perceived
as arrogant.

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