Cheeseburger Paragraph

How to Write a
Well Structured
Any great chef can cook a great cheeseburger!
…just like any great writer can write a great
May I take your order,
I’ll have a
Paragraph Burger,
What is a Paragraph Burger you ask?
A well structured
paragraph is like a loaded
cheeseburger…with all the
Each layer has it’s own
Like a juicy cheeseburger, a good paragraph needs two things to
hold it together. This helps make it well-structured.
A well structured paragraph must have a topic and concluding
Topic Sentence (top bun)
Maggie was the best pet in the world. She was a
beautiful, black puppy that followed Alana and her sister
Caitlin all around the yard. When they were playing in the
purple and green cubby house, Maggie would sit outside
the door waiting for them. When they were swimming in the
pool, she would sit patiently at the gate. When they were
riding their bikes, Maggie would follow behind them, running
like the wind. Alana and Caitlin were happy to have a friend
like Maggie.
Concluding Sentence (bottom bun)
Topic Sentence
• Topic sentences are used to introduce the topic or main idea of
the paragraph.
– Ask a question
• Do you enjoy eating ice cream?
– Declare excitement about topic – use emotion
• I love ice cream!
– State an interesting fact
• Did you know that ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in the
Concluding Sentence
• A concluding sentence is used to sum up your topic and conclude
your thoughts/ideas.
– Restate your topic sentence using different words.
– Do not introduce new ideas or information.
– Express excitement for your topic
A well-structured paragraph must have many
supporting sentences.
Good writers add many details that
support the topic.
• Remember to show – not tell!
• Use spicy adjectives to add
Supporting Sentences
• Supporting sentences support the main idea of your paragraph.
A good writer will include at least 3 supporting sentences in a
– Use meaningful (deep) details that support your topic…show, don’t
– Use complex sentences
– Use a variety of punctuation
– Spicy adjectives add flavor and interest!
Which kind of paragraph will you write?

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