A Walk to Remember

By: Nicholas Sparks
About the Author
 He was born in Omaha, Nebraska, December 31, 1965 .
 He has written 16 books, 6 of which are movies.
 Jamie was named after Nicholas's editor, Jamie Raab?
 Landon is the name of his third son and
The narrator in A Walk to Remember.
 Nicholas Sparks recorded his own
reading for the audio version of the novel.
Terms to know before reading…
Genre- Genre is the term for any category of literature as
well as various other forms of art or culture.
Example- mystery, comedy, science fiction…
 The Outsiders’ genre was “young adult fiction” or a
“coming-of-age” novel.
What genre is A Walk to Remember (AWtR)?
Young adult fiction, romance
Prologue- an opening to a story that establishes the
setting and gives background details
What do we learn from the prologue in AWtR?
 Landon Carter remembers the year 1958, and how it
changed his life forever.
Flashback- an interjected scene that takes the narrative
back in time from the current point.
How is the literary element “flashback” used in the
Landon, who is 57, closes his eyes and remembers when he
was in high school. This is how AWtR begins.
Foreshadowing- a way of indicating or hinting at what
will come later
 Where does Landon Carter use foreshadowing in the
The last sentence of the prologue. “ Don’t say you haven’t been
Point of View- who is telling the story?
 First-person Point of View- A character in the story
is the narrator. This character is telling the
story using the pronouns I, me and we.
 Third-person Point of View- The story is being told
by an outside observer (someone who is not in the
story). The author uses the pronouns he, she,
and they.
 In what point of view is AWtR being told?
First-person Point of View
Part 2
IronyVerbal irony- when a character says one thing and means
 It is essential to understand the intentions of the
Dramatic Irony- When the readers know something that
the characters do not know.
Situational Irony- when an expectation is not met. There is
a difference between what we think will happen and what
actually occurs.
MotifMotif- significant recurring element in a literary text
The Bible
Good works
Theme- a central message in a literary work
Doing the “right” thing
Death and the afterlife
Emotions vs. thoughts
Part 3:
Characterization is the method used by a writer to
develop a character.
This includes:
 showing the character's appearance
 displaying the character's actions
 revealing the character's thoughts
 letting the character speak
 getting the reactions of others
Landon (Narrator)
 Shallow
 Underachiever
 Hypocritical
Has: wealth, both parents,
friends, popularity
 Judgmental
 Popular
 Wealthy
 Persistent
Wants: Acceptance from
friends, parents and
 Loving
 Helpful
Has: a father, faith,
a good heart
 Caring
 Joyful
 Optimistic
 Kind-hearted
 Religious
Wants: to help people,
please her father, the play
to be a success
Rev. Hegbert Sullivan
 Elderly
 Strict
 Over Protective
 Religious
 Serious
 Worrisome
Has: Jamie, relationship
with God, the respect of
the town
Wants: the town to become
more religious, Jamie to
be safe
Part 4
Imagery Literal Imagery- purely descriptive, appeals to the
senses, relates to concrete information.
 Ex. “…her honey-colored hair wasn’t pulled into a tight
bun. Instead it was hanging loosely, longer than I
imagined…) Ch. 9, Description of Jamie as the angel (pg.
 Figurative imagery- use of figures of speech
(metaphors, personification) to describe an abstract
 Ex. “…nowadays people claim that sort of stuff even if
their parent was around and use it to excuse their
behavior. My dad… he didn’t love me…” Ch. 1, page 10
 Tone- the author’s attitude towards what he is talking
 Revealed by word choice.
 The combination of diction, details and imagery results
in tone.
Examples of tone:
Answer the following questions in
you notes.
1.What tone does Landon establish in Ch. 1-2?
2. At what point in the novel does Landon’s tone begin to
change? Be specific and support you answer with evidence
from the text.
3. What purpose does Landon’s change in tone serve in
moving the story forward?
4. Would the novel change if Landon’s tone remained the
sam2 throughout the entire story, including the prologue
and in Ch. 13?

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