Exit Ticket #1 (Chapters 1-4)

Entrance Ticket #1 (Chapters 1-4)
1. List 5 things Thomas has learned about living
in the Glade.
2. Which ONE of these things would be the
most difficult for you to deal with?
– You need to have at least one specific example
from the book
– Explain your feelings using at least 4-5 complete
– Make sure to include a top and bottom bun
Exit Ticket #2
• Was it smart/wise to throw Ben out of the
– Provide 3 reasons why it was a good or bad idea.
– Your 3 reasons should be examples from the book.
– Make sure to write an appropriate SANDWICH
Entrance Ticket #3
• Provide two character traits to describe Gally.
• Prove these both traits with two examples from
the book.
– Trait #1—2 examples
– Trait #2—2 examples
• This needs to be in Sandwich Paragraph.
– You will still have 8 sentences
– Use your notes from Gally to help you!
Exit Ticket #4
• Provide two character traits to describe
• Prove these traits with examples from the
• Provide pages numbers for your proof.
• This should be written in an eight sentence
Exit Ticket #4
• Use your WHOLE notebook page to recreate
the mind map on the next slide.
– You can use the front side for one trait and the
back side for the other trait.
Trait #1
Trait #2
1st Example of
Trait #1
1st Example of
Trait #2
Page #
Page #
2nd Example of
Trait #1
2nd Example of
Trait #2
Page #
Page #
When Finished
• When you finish, turn your Exit Ticket #4 into
the turn in basket and pick up your
Assessment #2 from Mrs. Wegwerth.
• Your Assessment #2 should be filed in your
filing folder. I will show exemplars tomorrow.
• Begin reading Chapters 47-48 silently on your

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