ATHENA 3 diss - ppt

ATHENA 3 diss
WG 3A. Utrecht, June 2009
ATHENA 3 diss
The application ‘ATHENA3diss’ was sent out on
February 28, 2009.
A decision is expected in August 2009.
What is disemination in Athena 3
Dissemination of ATHENA products and
 Find “new users” , new members.
ATHENA 3 diss
1.-Dissemination of ATHENA: products and
Books series: specially our book about
How to do it? Book presentations in each country,
translations, include it in the curriculum and
bibliography in courses, sent flyer to possible users,...
 Other products: expert data base, Athena annual
publication, other articles, Power point presentations
on the web site from seminars,…
…..more ideas?
ATHENA 3 diss
2.- Find “new users” , new members.
In the application we have argued that the expertise developed in
ATHENA should find its ways to four groups of ‘new users’:
 gender specialists in fields that have until now have done little
with gender in their curriculum (health sciences, economic
development studies, technology studies).
policy makers on local, national and European levels, public
and private institutions, librarians, educational publishers,
intercultural educators outside higher education (museums,
cultural institutions)
new generations of curriculum developers, trainers and
educators in professional training (young scholars, students,
new generations of gender experts who would appreciate forms
of coaching, mentoring and training by more experienced
partners in countries outside the EU (European non-member
states, and non European countries)
ATHENA 3 diss
How to find ‘new users?
Workshop or consultations for policy makers or other ‘new
users’ about how Athena works and the products
Invite those expertise at the ATHENA3diss working
Identify and contact networks
Contact new users, do a list, and sent it before 10th August
to: [email protected]
…..more ideas?
ATHENA 3 diss
Dissemination plans received until now:
University of Oulu. Mervi Heikkinen
 Giving lectures on Equal Opportunities in University of
Oulu Arrange professional through Erasmus exchange.
 Small seminar about Intersectionality should be
arranged in the University of Oulu.
 20th anniversary of the Women’s Studies in the
University to Oulu. Disseminating ATHENA network
and 3A activities will be naturally mentioned during the
e.g. published articles.
 Swot analysis: update the swot analysis and have it in
the RoSa web site.
ATHENA 3 diss
University of Loughborough .Barbara
Several international conference papers,
Teaching module,
Academic journal articles.
University of Örebro. Ingrid Pincus
Research on government gender equality policy and its
implementation in Sweden with comparisons from other
countries is included in two occupational programmes at the
School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
Research concerning gender equality in academia is
included in a course for university personnel on gender
ATHENA 3 diss
RoSa (Chris Z. and Martha Franken)
3A website
continue to gather information from participants of our
project and update the website of 3A
expert database.
ATHENA 3 diss
Sophia . Nadine Plateau
Planning a evening on Intersectionality in Brussels
Free University Brussels. Alison
Use the book about intersectionality on the teaching
Co-organize a launch of the Athena Teaching resources
for policy makers, teachers and trainers, using
Reach new users with those iniciatives
ATHENA 3 diss
Francesca Bonnemaison Center.
Presentation of the book about intersectionality in
Barcelona. We also would like to translate it into
Spanish and/ or Catalan.
Small seminar, or presentation about Athena specially
for local policy makers.
Seminar about gender equality policies in Europe
(2010): discuss about progress, opportunities and
threats in Europe.
Contact networks in Europe and Latin America
ATHENA 3 diss
FEMCIT. Nicky LeFeuvre
Work package number 3 on the FEMCIT project about political
analysis: France Norway and Poland.
Meeting in London on June 2010, a conference where
the book about intersectionality can be
presented/disseminated as ATHENA product.
Annual meeting of FEMCIT( with the participation of 14
different partners) in Istanbul, September 2009.
Another occasion to disseminate the book and Athena.
ATHENA 3 diss
University of Gothenburg. Lisbeth
Including gender in different fields: Lunch seminars with
lecturers in gender and technologies, programs /
curriculum for nurses, long terms interaction with
directors of schools in various disciplines…
Offer short courses (LLL) to policy makers
Approach museums, media (sexist practices, journalist
educations…), health administrators on local and regional
ATHENA 3 diss
Radboud University Nijmegen.
Institute for Gender Studies (IGS)
Book on intersectionality: recommended as a readings for
courses, sending book flyer to all women’s studies / gender
studies, libraries in The Netherlands, and review of book in
Raffia, IGS journal on gender, flyer and book in documentation
centre IGS…
Expert database: including all staff members of IGS (approx.
Workshop alumni gender studies: showing results of ATHENA 3.
Announcement on website IGS and in Annual report 2009.
Announcement on: network websites such as LinkedIn (page of
Dutch Association of Women’s Studies), Facebook, and Hyves,
e-mail group IGS.
ATHENA 3 diss
promote disemination in web sites in libraries and dc
Sent to all WINE
Potential members, Easter Europe specially in
documentation center
Web 03
Training work shop in Athena meeting
ATHENA 3 diss
Write a dissemination plan with a calendar for each event
Made a list of professionals, institutions, on the fields
mentioned before, that can be interesting to invite.
Made a list of European projects and neetworks all
members are involve (link all the web pages)
Sent the homework to [email protected] before
10th August.
 List of european projects all members
of the working group

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