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YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka
Child Protection Orientation
November 2013
Our Commitment
The YMCA is committed to ensuring that it;
 Provides a safe environment for children and young people
 Identifies children and young people who are suffering, or
likely to suffer, significant harm and
 Takes appropriate action to see that such children and
young people are kept safe at the YMCA
Who Does our Policy apply to?
Our Child Protection Policy covers;
 Children
 Young Adults
 Vulnerable Adults
What is included in our policy?
 Terminology
 Roles and Responsibilities of Management, Staff and
Volunteers for Child Protection
 Code of Conduct for all staff and volunteers
 Procedure for the Recruitment and Selection of staff and
 Education and Training for keeping children and young
people safe
 Responding to Disclosure or Suspicion of child abuse
 Managing an allegation, complaint and claim of abuse
against the YMCA
 Access, Facility and Program Controls
Who is required to implement?
All YMCA staff and program volunteers who are 16 years of
age and older are responsible for implementing our Child
Protection Policy
The following volunteers are exempt from the policy;
 Program Volunteers under the age of 16
 Philanthropy Volunteers
 Event Volunteers
 Governance, Policy and Advisory Volunteers
Who is the Child Protection Lead?
The Vice President, Child Development and Family Support
Programs is the Association Lead for Child Protection
The Child Protection Lead is responsible for the
implementation and compliance monitoring of the child
protection policy.
Fiona Cascagnette is our Association’s Child Protection Lead.
Where can I find the Policy?
Every staff and volunteer will receive a copy of the policy.
In addition, every YMCA program location will have a hard copy
of the policy available in a known location to all staff and
Key Messages
 You don’t need to be sure!
 If you suspect that a child is being abused, call your local
Children’s Aid Society (CAS) right away
 You can call CAS just for advice
 CAS is available 24 hours a day to talk about your concerns,
they are the experts and will make a decision of what, if any,
intervention is needed
 Child Abuse is everyone’s responsibility
 Under section 72 of the Child and Family Service Act
everyone is obligated to report their suspicions
 Leaving a message with CAS is not considered a report. If
you don’t hear back you need to continue calling until you
speak with a Child Protection Worker
Reporting to CAS
The staff or volunteer who suspects that a child has been
abused or is at risk of abuse must call him/herself
Do not ask anyone to help you decide if a report should be
made or to make the report for you
The Child Abuse Reporting Kit includes the report you to need
to complete and additional information to assist you in
making the call to CAS. These are available in all YMCA
program locations.
After you have made the call, complete the Child Abuse
Reporting Form and submit it to your supervisor or their
designate immediately.
Where does the Report Go?
Completed Child Abuse Reporting Forms are signed by the
person who made the call to CAS and by their direct
supervisor or designate
Once signed, the reports are sealed, labeled and couriered to
the Child Protection Lead at the Association Offices
Reports remain sealed and are stored indefinitely
In the event of an allegation against a staff or volunteer, the
Child Abuse Reporting Form is forwarded through the chain
of command for signing at all levels of management.
Training and Orientation
All staff and program volunteers age 16 years of age or older
are required to complete the Child Protection Orientation
before they begin working.
The Child Protection Orientation includes;
 Reading the policy
 YMCA Canada Orientation Videos
 YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka Orientation
 Child Protection Quiz 1
 Annual Sign Off
Training and Orientation
Annually, all staff and program volunteers age 16 years of age
or older are required to complete a re-orientation and
annual sign off.
The Child Protection Re-Orientation currently includes;
 Reading the policy
 YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka Orientation
 Child Protection Quiz 2
 YMCA Canada Orientation Videos or Child Protection
Case Study
 Annual Sign Off
Access, Facility & Program Controls
All YMCA staff and volunteers are responsible for ensuring a safe
Site specific practices will be developed and implemented fully by June
30th, 2014. These practices should consider the following where
 Access points into the facility are secured and/or monitored.
Access is restricted to child care and childminding areas
 YMCA ID or photo ID is required to gain access
 A system is in place to maintain access details and records
 A system in in place to record access of all visitors, vendors and
 Areas that are not actively used are kept locked
 Key areas of vulnerability are monitored
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