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All Things Social Studies
Social Studies Standards, Curriculum, and Testing
In and Beyond Colorado
2012 Educating for Citizenship Conference
December 7, 2012
Session Overview
 State Social Studies Assessment
 Vision for the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3):
Framework for Inquiry in Social Studies State
 District Sample Curriculum Project
 Literacy in History/Social Studies – CCSS Reading &
Writing standards for the social studies classroom
Colorado’s State Social Studies
State Assessment
 ETS/Pearson is the contractor for test development
 Assessment based on Colorado’s social studies standards
 Concept and skill based
 All standards/GLE’s (history, geography, economics/PFL, and civics)
are eligible to be assessed
 Grades to be tested: 4 & 7 (spring), 12 (fall)
 Pilot the new assessment in Spring 2013
 Full implementation Spring 2014
For additional information, contact Joyce Zurkowski ([email protected] ) or
Glen Sirakavit ([email protected] ) in the assessment office at CDE
Vision for the College, Career, and
Civic Life (C3): Framework for
Inquiry in Social Studies State
C3 Update
 A framework to guide states as they rework
their own standards in social studies
 The "four dimensions of informed inquiry"
 developing questions and planning
 applying disciplinary concepts and tools;
 gathering, evaluating, and using evidence;
 working collaboratively and communicating
 Release anticipated “sometime next year”
"Since this is a geography book, shouldn't it
have a table of continents?"
District Sample Curriculum
Colorado’s Unique Standards
Based Template
 Design reflects emphasis on concepts and content in CAS
• Centers around ideas
• Supports teaching to greater intellectual depth
• Emphasizes knowledge TRANSFER and APPLICATION
• Addresses the 21st skills (in the CAS) that prepare students for
the complexities of an ever-changing world
 Design reflects feedback from educators across the
• Customizable and flexible
• Technical assistance from Dr. Lynn Erickson
• This is Colorado’s Template!
Literacy in History/Social Studies
Reading & Writing
1. The Reading and Writing Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies are
part of the Common Core State Standards in ELA
 They point to specific skills that students should be acquiring as they read and
write in a social studies classroom
 They provide additional clarity for the CAS that refer to skill acquisition and
2. The standards were considered based on the context and the concepts and
content within the unit
 For example: the first unit overview for 6th grade has students “start at the
beginning” in the development of reading and writing skills
3. Appropriate standards selected by unit
 Consideration for how the Reading & Writing Standards for Literacy in
History/Social Studies could be distributed across the year
Phase One: Fall Workshops
 Educators attended a single two-day workshop, arranged by
grade level and content area, to help create year-at-a-glance
and unit overview samples for the CAS.
 Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Curriculum Development
 October12-13, 2012
 3rd Grade - 5th Grade Curriculum Development
 October 26-27, 2012
 6th Grade - 8th Grade Curriculum Development
 November 2-3, 2012
 9th Grade - 12th Grade Curriculum Development
 November 9-10, 2012
Phases Two & Three
 Phase 2: Regional Curriculum Development Workshops (1/13-5/13)
 Develop curriculum samples - Differentiated by sequence and/or
 Phase 3: Regional Instructional Design Workshops (5/13-8/13)
 Regional instructional unit build out
 http://www.cde.state.co.us/StandardsAndInstruction/Sample
All Things Social Studies
 http://www.cde.state.co.us/CoSocialStudies/index.asp
Please contact:
[email protected]

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