CSU`s SSL Time Clock

Steve Lovaas - ACNS
Larry Karbowski - CAS
Electronic Time Clocks becoming Standard
Remote Locations (Off Campus)
San Louis Valley
• Summer Field Help
• 40+ Students
Other Remote CSU sites
Roaming Student (On Campus)
Student Help Desk Tech etc.
• May need to clock out from some other location to go
Time Clocks Need to Map to Static IP (presently)
Every student tied to specific Time Clock
Every Job/Account Number tied to specific Time
Secure Connection Needed For Off Campus
VPN Not a good solution
• No Static IP
• NAT Translation (remote site)
SSL Makes sense
• Static IP
• Secure Connection
• Can use from any Internet connection
Steve Lovaas - ACNS
Designed Solution in Juniper
• Setup SSL Tunnel using
• Just Point Time Clock App to
Log on to Secure.ColoState.EDU/Timeclock using EID
 Auto-launches Secure Application Manager
Start up Time Clock Application
 Clock in/out as usual
Larry Karbowski - CAS
Created Install Application
Setup TC Application to 127.0.100 automatically
Installs TC Application (C:\TTERMPRO)
Creates Desktop Shortcut
Creates Start->All Programs->CSU SSL Time Clock
Run SSL Time Clock Installer.msi
Default Installs to C:\TTERMPRO for every user
Do NOT Change Path
Click Next
Creates a Desktop Shortcut (CSU Ram)
Creates a shortcut in the Start->All Programs->CSU SSL Time Clock
Logon to the https://secure.colostate.edu/timeclock
Redirects TELNET traffic destined for into the SSL
tunnel using “Secure Application Manager” and delivers the traffic
to the time-clock server
Double click the Desktop Shortcut
Or Click the Start->All Programs->CSU SSL Time Clock->CSU SSL Time Clock
Main Menu
Main Menu
Student types in their CSU ID
Fetches job listing for student
F1/F2 - moves up/moves down
F5 - Selects Job
If any sub jobs
Select appropriate Job description
Student’s Hours Summary
Back to Main Menu
To Clock out
Student Enters CSU ID again
F1 – Clocks the Student Out
F2 – Cancels (allows student to check if clocked in already)
Users can install
MSI – Use GPO??
over Internet
Allows Remote Sites to use Electronic Time Clock

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