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EPortfolios and Transition
Dr Helen Boulton, Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator, School of
Steve Wheelhouse, Employability Co-ordinator, School of
ePortfolios Defined
‘An e-portfolio is a purposeful aggregation of digital
items – ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback etc,
which ‘presents’ a selected audience with
evidence of a person’s learning and/or ability.’
SCOPE Project
Support, Context, Ownership, Purpose and
Development of ePortfolios in the School of
ePortfolio in the Transition into
• TDA Funded Research Grant
• SCOPE Developments
• Employability model links to Career EDGE,
• Pilot
eportfolio and the CareerEDGE Model
Career Development Learning
Experience (Work & Life)
Degree Subject Knowledge, Understanding and Skills
Generic Skills
Emotional Intelligence
eportfolio pilot
CareerEDGE Model
• The model is not a checklist but broad areas for development
• Important to record examples of engagement in employability activities
in order to show progress and achievement over time.
• Start from the beginning of the course
• Experiences are easily forgotten
• Difficulty if recalling examples over past years when trying to find
examples of ‘progression’ when applying for jobs
• Reflections are key from the outset.
• Method of recording and reflecting on existing skills and experiences
• tutors will signpost how the course supports employability
• Vital to demonstrate progression for personal development
eportfolio ‘collection’
Suggested overview of ‘collection’ for a three year course
Year 1 – collect evidence – artefacts, items, images, video,
reflections etc.
Year 2 – continue to collect information but with greater
emphasis on ‘reflection of/on progress’. Consideration should be
given to particular career destinations. Identify key learning
Year 3 / Final Year – As above but focussing on selecting and
presenting appropriate ‘collections’ for particular audiences.
Many employers request examples of progression and key
evidence through their recruitment processes
Eportfolio and HEAR?
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