15 October - Business Services Transformation Programme

Business Services Transformation Programme
Guide to eProcurement
What is changing for End Users?
Managers and staff will use new online system to:
order goods or services,
approve invoices for payment,
request Finance to bill another organisation,
obtain budgetary information.
Go Live dates in 2012
15 October
17 December
Finance and Procurement and
Logistics in Business Services
Northern Trust
South Eastern Trust
Southern Trust
5 November
Belfast Trust
Western Trust
Regional organisations
What is changing?
New Process
Old Process
On line requisitions
Yellow Non Stock Requisitions
Electronic Receipting by end user
Sign off by Blue Copy Order
Automated system of e–mail notifications
Contacts not automated
Scanned Invoices
Paper Invoices
Electronic approval via FPM
Hard copy signature for approval – invoices
are posted off to Finance
Payment Process - Expedited
Bottlenecks arise due to manual process
Electronic receipt of management information
Green sheet printouts
Self-serve drill-down functionality
Queries to Finance Department / PaLS
What is changing?
Current System
New Terminology
Payments system (LAPS)
eFinancials (eFin), Finance Process Manager (FPM)
Income system (DBS)
eFinancials (eFin), Finance Process Manager (FPM), Capita
Accounting system (General Ledger)
eFinancials (eFin)
Budgetary system (BPR)
Collaborative Planning (CP)
Requisitioning systems (SIS and UNITAS)
eProcurement (eProc)
BP and GS Reports
eAnalyser, Business Objects
Self service eProcurement
 What is self service eProcurement?
 Self service eProcurement enables end users to request goods and
services in an electronic (paperless) format.
 Who is an end user?
 Staff members who raise requisitions and those who are authorised
to approve them.
Self service eProcurement
How do I access the eProcurement system?
 Before Go Live staff members who need access will be
assigned a unique user ID/username and password login.
 Before Go Live you must log in to the FPL system to check you
have access. You’re restricted to log in access before Go Live.
 On the Go Live date for your HSC organisation you will receive
an email with a link to self service eProcurement.
 On the Go Live date, you will have access to FPL on your HSC
intranet. Look for the FPL icon on the intranet home page.
What can I do in eProcurement?
 Control access to contracted suppliers, Procurement and
Logistic Services’ (PaLS) catalogues.
 Create a requisition for Stock catalogue items.
 Create a requisition for Non-Stock catalogue items.
 Create a requisition for Non-Stock/Non-Catalogue items by
inserting free text.
What can I do in eProcurement?
 Create a template for “User Favourite” items.
 Self receipt goods on delivery at point of use.
 Initiate electronically return of goods.
 Track requisitions and purchase orders with enhanced end user
query functionality.
 Create a template for “User Favourite” items.
Self service eProcurement
Training for end users.
 Training documentation prepared by a third party training
organisation. (Optimum)
 On line eLearning initiatives. Visit eLearning web site:
Processes in eProcurement
 Online automated workflows will forward requisitions for electronic
 Capability of turning an electronic requisition into an electronic
purchase order automatically and seamlessly once properly
 Authorised requisitions /purchase orders electronically dispatched
to relevant supplier.
 Streamlined and seamless integration to organisations’ Finance
systems to enable payment.

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