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David Franklin
U.S – Canadian Border Coordinator
Office of Planning
U.S. – Border States
Who We Are: Border and
Interstate Planning Team
• The Border and Interstate Planning
Team is a small team assigned to the
Office of Planning.
o Director – Kenneth Petty
o Team Leader – Roger Petzold
o Border Coordinators
• Sylvia Grijalva, U.S. – Mexican Border Coordinator
• David Franklin, U.S. – Canadian Border Coordinator
o Community Planner – Travis Black
Border and Interstate
Planning Team: Primary
• Infrastructure Coordination
• Policy Coordination
• Work with Border Groups to Accomplish
Coordination of Policy and Infrastructure
• Border Research
Infrastructure Coordination
• Coordinate between all stakeholders and
• Coordinate expectations of one agency to
• Facilitate meetings/information for multiple
agencies to directly communicate and move
Example of Infrastructure
Policy Coordination
• Serve as a source for policy information
• Get the word out on policy changes and
• Make sure that Policy issues are
communicated both nationally and
Examples of Policy
• MAP-21
o National Freight Frame Work
o Sunset of Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program
• Grow America Act
• Presidential Executive Order on National
Export Initiative
• Beyond the Border Action Plan
Work with Border Groups
• Joint Working Committee
o Biannual Meeting (Mexico and U.S.)
o Work Plan
• Border Wait Time Studies
• Regional Border Master Plans
• Transportation Modeling Peer Exchange
• Greening Transportation at the Border Workshop
Work with Border Groups
• Transportation Border Working Group
o Biannual Meetings (Canada and U.S.)
o Action Plan
• Policy Level Plan broken down by four subcommittees and one
discussion group
o Workshops and Peer Exchanges
• Border Master Planning Peer Exchange
• Data Peer Exchange
• Border Modeling Peer Exchange
• Border Wait Time Peer Exchange
• Presidential Permitting Workshop
• Greening Transportation at the Border Workshop
Southern Border Projects
State Route 11/Otay Mesa
East Port of Entry Project
• A state-of-the-art POE and commercial vehicle enforcement facility (CVEF)
accessed via a toll road
• Improve the efficient movement of people/goods between the United
States and Mexico
• Provide shorter and more predictable crossing times
Northern Border Projects
Peace Bridge
Gateway Connection
• Add a new ramp to
connect bridge traffic
– especially
commercial traffic -to the Interstate
International Bridge
New bridge to replace
aging and obsolete
New International Trade
Crossing Project
• Working for bidders
spring 2015
• MOU between CBP
and GSA due 1st of
New Year
Border Team Research
• Border Modeling Peer Exchange
o November 2013 in San Diego, CA
• Border Wait Time Peer Exchange
o December 2014 in Phoenix, AZ
• Border Freight Peer Exchange
o Spring 2015 in Detroit, MI
• Northern Border Master Planning Peer
o Summer – Fall 2015
So Why a Border Team?
Canada and Mexico are major trading partners
o Supports nearly 14 Million America jobs
Infrastructure Coordination
• Streamlined project development
• Linking international agencies together to develop/build border
infrastructure projects
Policy Coordination
• Working to communicate administration goals/priorities on
international projects
Contact Info
Border and Interstate Team
David Franklin, U.S. – Canadian Border Coordinator
E-Mail: [email protected] Phone: 708-283-3540
Sylvia Grijalva, U.S. – Mexican Border Coordinator
E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 602-510-7986
Roger Petzold, Team Leader
E-mail: [email protected] Phone:202-366-4074
Travis Black, Community Planner
E-Mail: [email protected] Phone: 202-366-6798
Border Resource Info
Border Team Website:
TBWG Resource Information:
JWC Resource Information:
Transportation Data Statistics
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