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I really like making
art because I think
it’s one thing that
I’m good at and I
love the feeling of
finishing a project
and being proud of
what I have just
created. I also like
making art because
there are endless
possibilities as to
what you can
make. When
people make art,
their style can tell
a lot about their
personality. Art is
also a creative and
fun way that
people can tell
stories and express
The assignment for this project
was to choose two medias and
make a creative piece. For my
project, I chose charcoal for
the portrait and paint for the
background. I chose these
medias because I had previously
done a charcoal portrait that I
really liked and I thought it was
one my strong points. I chose
paint for the background
because I wanted it to be very
bright and colorful and I hadn’t
done many projects with paint.
I think my main struggle was
making his characteristics look
exactly like they were in the
picture I used as a reference.
The assignment for this project
was to create something that
represented you and what you
like. I put many different
elements that play an
important role in my life. The
top portion represents
traveling. I incorporated this
because when I grow up, I
really would love to travel to
many different places around
the world. The bottom portion
incorporates my love for
softball, and how you should
live life to the fullest and enjoy
your youth while you have it.
The assignment for this
project was to create a
portrait of someone using
charcoal. I think my main
struggle with this project
was making his hair look
realistic. He has very curly
and wild hair so it was hard
to make it look like his hair
in real life. Overall, I really
liked this project because I
feel that I did a good job
with the shadows on his
face and neck and I
thought it turned out
pretty realistic.
The assignment for this project was
to create something that had a
western theme. The first pattern I
used was the bandana/paisley
pattern to show the “western”
theme. The second pattern I used
was the Aztec print to show the
Native American portion of the
west. I chose to use the two
patterns in the background because
I liked how they contrasted each
other. In the middle I did a
watercolor wash for the background
to look like a sunset. Then I put the
two silhouettes to represent a boy
growing into a man. The main
struggle I faced with this project
was creating a neat organized
paisley pattern for the bandana.
The assignment for this project was
to take a picture of a place in the
school and recreate it to look
surreal. I chose a place by the
cafeteria because it was very open
and had a lot of potential. Every
element I chose to incorporate in
this project was completely random.
I think my favorite part of this
project would be either the bricks
or the puzzle piece floor because I
think that the bricks are very
realistic and I think the puzzle piece
floor was unique. My main struggle
with this assignment was just
creating a scene to look surreal
because I normally like things to
have a theme and a purpose and in
this project, it didn’t.
The assignment for this project was to
recreate a famous piece, but also
include plaster on cardboard to make it
look 3-D. I chose this piece, “Bristol
Fall” by Leonid Afremov because I loved
how bright the colors were and how
well the worked together. Another
reason I chose this was because I
thought the tree would turn out really
cool after I used the plaster to make
the texture and make it look 3-D. I
think my main struggle with this project
was making the colors look separate
instead of blending together. The
reason I had this problem was because I
was trying to recreate and oil painting
with acrylic paint, so naturally the paint
is going to blend.
Based on this portfolio, my strengths seem to
be charcoal and making elements look
realistic. I think I definitely need to work on
my painting skills because I’m not very good
when it comes to creating different values
with paint. My goal for next semester is to
improve my painting skills and also work on
time management. In order to do this, I will
need to practice shading different values with
paint and also use the time in class to get the
most possible work I can done.

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