The Benefits of Collaborative Working by Fergus

The Benefits of Collaborative Working
Fergus Arkley – Regional Manager
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Carers Trust a unique network
• 116 carers centres,
• 55 Crossroads Care schemes
• Together we are united by a shared vision for carers –
“to make sure that information, advice and practical support
are available to all carers across the UK.”
• largest provider of comprehensive carers support
services, reaching more than:
• 450,000 carers
• including over 30,000 young carers,
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What is collaborative
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Amazing Human achievements
• 12 April 1961
• Yuri Gagarin
• Vostok Space Craft
• 1st Human in space
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Amazing Human achievements
• 20 July 1969
• Apollo 11 mission
• The 1st Human on the moon
• Neil Armstrong
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International Space Station
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The National Council for Voluntary Organisations:
Collaborative working within the voluntary and community
sector - covers a spectrum of ways that two or more
organisations can work together.
Options range from
• informal networks and alliances,
• through joint delivery of projects
• to full merger.
• Collaborative working can last for a fixed length of time or
can form a permanent arrangement.
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Collaboration Spectrum
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What is the purpose of
collaborative working?
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What is the purpose of collaborative working?
• stronger voice for carers
• a “joined up approach” for
voluntary organisations to
provide carer support services
• more cost effective services
as resources become tighter.
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Funders appreciate collaboration
“We welcome applications from
partnerships, as they can be
effective in meeting a need or
tackling a problem. Collaboration
enable organisations to pursue a
common vision and work
together to achieve more than
they could by working on their
The Big Lottery Fund
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Collaboration in practice
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Carer Support Wiltshire
• 2011 - 4 independent Carers Organisations merged to
create Carer Support Wiltshire
• Out of Hospital collaboration – Using Better Care Fund – 3
hospitals, Age UK, CCG, Wiltshire County Council
• GP awards – collaboration with Clinical Commissioning
Group, Wiltshire CC and GP surgeries
• Partnership agreement to work with Spurgeons Young
Carers Wiltshire
• Informal with other carers organisations to develop shared
approach to initial contact with carers
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Questions to ask when
exploring collaboration
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Agree measurable outcomes for what you do together
Outcomes can focus specifically
on carers
• greater range of support
• improved outreach
• improved information;
• stronger voice for carers
locally and regionally)
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Address any potential concerns
Will I get the services and support
that I need?
Will I be clear about who I need to
speak to?
How will I raise concerns or make
a complaint?
Does this mean a cut in services?
Will I have to travel somewhere
else to get the support I need?
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Carers representatives & existing
• Will we lose direction and control?
• Do we have the necessary
knowledge and skills?
• Will it affect our reputation?
• Do potential partners want the
same for carers?
• Have we got to do things
• Could this affect my job?   
Thank you
Fergus Arkley
[email protected]
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