Great Place to Work Tori OHare

Great Place to Work
Tori O’Hare – NHS Tameside and
Glossop CCG
• Great Place to Work is one of the six
workstreams within Future Focused Finance.
• A national standard to identify, create and
sustain great workplaces.
• 20 sites selected to pilot Great Place to Work
within the NHS.
– 2 of these 20 within the North West
• Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS FT
• NHS Tameside and Glossop CCG
“It’s a challenging time in the
NHS – so I wanted this Future
Focused Finance initiative to be
an added motivation and
inspiration to the team.”
Kathy Roe, CFO, NHS Tameside and Glossop CCG
• Commissioner landscape had gone through a period of significant change.
• T&G CCG staff all former PCT staff, therefore had gone through the full
process of reform; White Paper and consultation through to successful
appointment within the organisation.
•T&G CCG has a small employed workforce, core finance delivered by CSU,
therefore the role of the employed staff being a new ‘Business Partner’ role
working alongside Commissioning Managers and member practices.
• Team Assessment
– All members of the team to complete a survey
– 82 statements (63 standard + 19 NHS specific) grouped
against 5 dimensions
– 2 open, free text questions
• Results
– Overall Feedback Report
– Organisation Scorecard
• Evaluation Workshop
– All 20 pilot sites present, opportunity for evaluation,
discussion and shared learning to support implementation
and design of any future roll out of GPtW within the NHS
T&G Results
T&G Results
• 100% response rate to survey (80% average)
– Overall response rate ranged from 52% to 100% (7
sites with 100%; 13 sites with over 90%)
• 100% agreement that this is a great place to
• High response rates & results
– Volunteered to be pilot sites
– FSD and FFF is a standing item on our team
meeting agenda; this is built into individual PDRs
Evaluation Event
• Overall
Trust Index score of 69%; only just below
the 70% required to be listed as a best workplace
Evaluation Event
• Top three results are the organisations with the
smallest teams. For Tameside & Glossop CCG:
– Small workforce, single office location therefore easy
to engage all
– Joint working, problem solving , regular
communication, team meetings
– Established team, strong friendship network from PCT
– Through NHS reform staff chose CCG; chose the
challenge this new role presented
– The survey confirmed the ‘feeling’ within the team.
CIPFA Validation
– Test the benefit, adding significant value over and
above the standard national NHS staff and finance
team surveys that already occur
– Establish suitability for all organisation types and sizes
– Validate added value - and to what extent - in all types
of NHS organisations
– Be clear about the (actual and potential) strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the
approach being tested by the pilot sites
– Capture lessons learned from the pilot sites that can
add value to any future rollout and/or use of this
assessment process by individual organisations
Lessons Learned
• Consistent and comprehensive feeling of
camaraderie across the team.
• Team’s view on pride, both within the team
and the organisation.
• Weekly team meeting rescheduled to protect
• Mindful of such high camaraderie, need to
ensure still able to challenge/critique others.
Lessons Learned
• Opportunity to test the transition from PCT to CCG, the
change in role and the new way of working with CSU
Finance colleagues.
• Results consistent with being shortlisted for 2014
Business Finance Awards – Finance Team of the Year.
• Survey felt more pertinent to NHS Finance than many
others - a comprehensive view of the team from a
manageable time commitment.
• Test the feeling within the team of their role as
Business Partner and confirmed the strength of team
spirit and pride whilst also illustrating learning which
we have embedded.
Lessons Learned
“We spend a huge amount of a life within a
working environment. If we can create a
‘Great Place to Work’ culture within that
environment then what better atmosphere
in which to carry out all our duties.
Creating time and space for people to
develop has been a huge enabler for this.”
Kathy Roe, CFO
What makes a good team?
• 1966 World Cup –
individual ‘stars’ v
combined strength
What makes a good team?
• “Total Football” –
adaptability of
players within the
What makes a good team?
• “Fergie’s
Fledglings” –
Developing the
team, investing
and nurturing
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