Dorset demographic and profile updated October 2014

Dorset CCG- Demographics and Profile
• Dorset population is estimated to increase by 6% by 2020.
Of this 6 % growth, approximately 60% will be in the over
65’s and 30% in the under 20’s.
• The high and rising number of older people poses a
significant challenge for the health and social care system.
• Dorset enjoys relatively good health although this does
vary across the county.
• Inequalities in life expectancy across Dorset; although
fallen, gaps in life expectancy still exist as follows (Public Health
Outcomes Framework 2010-2012 data/ Health Profile 2014):
• Dorset- 6.7yrs men, 4.7yrs women;
• Bournemouth- 10yrs men, 4.4yrs women;
• Poole- 6.8yrs men, 5.7yrs women.
• Major causes of death in Dorset are cardiovascular disease
(CVD) and cancer; accounting for 29% of deaths in 2011
(Health and Social Care Information Centre).
• In 2011 in Dorset 19% of people living with LTC or disability
which impact on their health (ONS 2011).
Source: Dorset CCG health profile 2013 update
• Health related behaviours in the main compare well to
England, however issues such as smoking, smoking in
pregnancy, sexual health, alcohol consumption, and obesity
are still a cause for concern.

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