Command Line Tetrad
 We don’t have an extensive command line interface programmed,
but what we do have has proven useful to many people.
 We have a command line interface for a number of the basic search
algorithms in Tetrad.
 We also have a command line interface for the IMaGES algorithm.
 Some upcoming version of Tetrad will include a more extensive
command line interface.
How to get it
Go to the Tetrad downloads directory,
Look for files beginning with the prefix “tetradcmd-”.
Pick the one with the latest version.
How to run a search at the command line...
 java -jar tetradcmd-4.3.3-1.jar -data munin1.txt -datatype discrete –
algorithm fci -depth 3 -significance 0.0
Command line options
-data: Gives the data file
-datatype: continuous or discrete (mixed
not supported)
-algorithm: pc, cpc, fci, cfci, ccd, ges
-depth: Default is -1 (unlimited)
-significance: Default is 0.05
... Some others.
IMaGES command line
IMaGES (which I’ll talk about) is a more
specialized algorithm and uses its own
command line interface.
Email me if you’d like to use it.
Tetrad Source
We regularly get requests for the Tetrad
source code.
The secret is, it’s online, freely available,
you just have to know where to look!
Again, look in the Tetrad downloads
Look for the latest “dist” (distribution) file,
unzip it.
All of the code will be in the distribution,
except for private project code.
This can be useful if you want to modify or
extend algorithms, or if you want to set up
specific kinds of testing, or if the command
line tools provided are insufficient for your
The source code is in Java, which can be
interfaced with several other platforms
with a bit of work.
o Matlab, R, Mathematica, also can be called
from the command line programmatically from
various languages.
Also, since it’s in Java, it’s cross-platform
compatible, so it will probably run on your

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