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Powys Eye Care Support
Ceri Jackson
Director RNIB Cymru
Powys demographic – sight loss
• Density and total numbers of people with a degree of sight
• There are 5,173 blind and partially sighted people
• Some areas in central and south Powys have some of the highest
prevalence of sight loss across Wales and the UK.
• Level of sight loss exceeds the UK average, with some areas amongst
the highest 15 percent of UK postcodes in terms of sight loss perhead.
• Powys is dominated by a rural demographic, with the vast majority of
the county being classified as both “Rural Communities” in ACORN,
combined with high overall average ages and total numbers aged over
The role of the Eye Clinic Liaison Officer
• ECLO service is currently provided in every Health Board
apart from Powys.
• Patients supported in the hospital eye clinic or via telephone
if a face to face service is not possible.
• Emotional support, signposting and information
• Wherever possible the service is provided at the point of
diagnosis and face to face.
• Integral part of the Welsh Government Eye Care Pathway for
Glaucoma and Age Related Macular Degeneration.
• Support the development and running of peer support groups
What patients tell us
• 95 per cent of patients more informed about the
support services available to them
• 83 per cent reported reduced feelings of anxiety
• 86 per cent reported feeling better informed and more
confident to seek the next stages of support
• In terms of self-care, over 60 per cent were more
aware of their own role in managing and caring for
their eye condition.
The impact of sight loss
• Older people with sight loss who live alone are three
times more likely to experience depression
• sight loss has also been identified as one of the top
three causes of suicide in older people.
• Older people with sight loss have 90 per cent higher
odds of multiple falls
Social Return on Investment
• In an SROI Study of the ECLO service provided
at Singleton Hospital in Swansea, there was a
real financial return to health and social care of
£10.57 for ever £1 invested
Next Steps
Consulting partners
Joint project sponsors Bob Hudson and Ceri Jackson
Appoint 2 year pilot – recruitment in progress
Finding patients
Working with local partners and service providers
Initial focus on central Powys
Steering Group
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Thank you for listening
Ceri Jackson
Director of RNIB Cymru
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© RNIB Cymru
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