DT Ideas Final - PrimaryNationalCurriculum2014

D.T. Ideas
6 important things to remember
about D&T
User – who are you making it for?
Purpose – what is it for?
Design – have design decisions been made?
Work/Function – Does it work? Can you use it?
Innovative – have you used some original thought and design
your product?
Authentic – is it real or a gimmick? Does it work?
Ideas for D&T Tasks
• Marble/Malteaser baskets
Building bridges and towers
• for a purpose
KS1/KS2 – different design spec, different materials
• Circuit-related D&T: Xmas card with star on the top (Upper
KS2), card, badges and tin-foil torch.
Kites and parachutes
Packaging Design
E.g. designing a chocolate bar wrapper
Packed lunch box
Pencil case
Moving mechanisms – cams and
KS1 – Moving picture e.g. boat at
KS2 – More complex moving
picture – 3D / more than one
moving part / mechanism. E.g.
mouse in a hole.
Designing Environments
Bus Stop
KS1 – finger puppets / sock puppets / draft snake
KS2 – bags / puppet show / fabric badges with LED / pencil case
• Designing a healthy lunch
Who are you making it for ?
 for a child
for an adult
 for a shop
What age range is the product for eg baby, teenager,
adult, elderly- have you researched the specific needs
of the user?
What is the product you are making for?
• Look at the unit of work- what is the end product- the aim.
• Eg- electrical control eg create a torch to be used in the night
by a child camping
Have design decisions been made?
Have you thought about the appearance of the product?
Have you thought about colour?
Does it look interesting?
Is it a practical product eg size, material, how it accessed, how will it
work eg open and close
Do you like it ?
Work/ function
Does it work? Can you use it?
• Is it easy to use ?
• Will it last? Or might it break easily? Eg does the box open and
close? Does the light switch on and turn off? Does the
monster move?
• If it is a food product- does it look and taste good?
Have you used some original thought and design in the product?
• Are all the products different to look at? Have they all been made
using original design
• What/ who inspired your design?
• Do you think your design is different to your peers’ designs?
Is it real or a gimmick? Does it work?
• eg is the bag big enough to hold? can you wear the slippers?
does the photo frame stand up and can it display the picture
• Would you give this product to somebody ?

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