Housing and Community Affairs (HCA)

Housing and Community Affairs (HCA)
HCA focuses on community issues and student
services as they pertain to the entire graduate
Our goal is ensuring the grad student experience
is enjoyable, affordable, safe, healthy …
Who we are
• Core of ~20 highly skilled dedicated
• Subcommittees:
Families and Off-campus
• 2 Co-Chairs:
Randi and Nathaniel
What We Do
• Advocacy for graduate student body
• Data-driven proposals and recommendations
• Liaisons to the various entities at MIT
Issues HCA Works On:
• Stipend Levels
• Healthcare and Dental
• Campus Safety
• Dining
• Housing quality and
• Inter-dorm Relations:
– Ashdown, Edgerton, Sidney
Pacific, The Warehouse, Tang,
Eastgate, and Westgate
• Community relations
• Transportation:
– EZride, Tech Shuttle, Saferide,
and Grocery Shuttle
Ongoing Projects
• On-Campus Housing Rents • Grocery Shuttle
• NW Community Policing
• Cost of Living Analysis
• Families Subcommittee
Rent Patterns (Normalized to 2007)
• New Off-Campus Bus Line
Rent Increase on Base Year 2007
Cumulative OCH
Actual Curve
CoL data
CDD data
On-Campus Rents
CPI Data
A glance into the future
HCA Focus this year:
– Housing (both On- and Off-Campus)
o On-campus Rent Renegotiations
o The changes in off-campus rental availability, location, cost
– Families
o Re-vitalizing the Families Sub-comm.
o Assess needs and then implement Family-focused initiatives
– Health and Community Wellness (GSC Graduate Wellness Task
o Survey wellness among graduate students, evaluate existing support
programs, suggest changes
o Collaborate with MIT administration
Join us!
• GSC has the data,
now we just need you!
• Help us make your life, work, and
your commute better.
Contact: [email protected]
Monthly Meetings: 3rd
Wednesday of each month
Next meeting: 9/19, 6PM, GSC
Office (50-220)

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