McKay, Rosemary_Australia_Department of Foreign

Development for All
Speaker:Rosemary McKay
Organization:Department of Foreign
Affairs and Trade
Country: Australia
Through its aid program Australia is
• more accessible schools, law and justice and water and
• over 40 scholars with disability to study in Australia
• the Disability Rights Fund and Pacific Disability Forum who
assist around 120 Disabled Persons Organisations annually
to advocate for their rights
• more than 150,000 people with disability in Asia, Africa and
the Pacific to receive services related to their disability in
• the work of the United Nations Children‘s Fund, the World
Health Organization and the International Committee of the
Red Cross to be more disability-inclusive.
Photo taken by Australian
Disability and Development
Consortium: International Day
of People with Disability was
celebrated at Parliament
House on 3 December 2013.
Photo: Taken by DFAT, PNG
Photo: Taken by Broja Gopal/ CDD/
Photo: Taken by
DFAT, Banten

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