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Announcing the AIMS Scholar Program
AIMS (Autism, Inclusion,
Mathematics Core and
Science Innovation)
Scholar program is
currently recruiting Math,
Science, and Special
Education Candidates.
Our Program Completers are
Able to work with persons with
Autism and other disabilities.
Able to implement a fully
included classroom.
Able to use the common core
standards in mathematics
Able to implement innovative
science ideas aligned with the
common core
Our program completers are
and Competent
Specialists who
•demonstrate strong foundation in subject matter
•demonstrate strong understanding and
implementation skills in the field
•demonstrate ability to use technology as a
Reflective and
Practitioners who
•promote diversity
•think critically and make informed decisions
•engage in collaborative endeavors
Committed and
Professionals who
•become change agents
•maintain professional and ethical standards
•become life-long learners
Teacher candidates will participate in focused
professional development to use research based
effective teaching strategies and to collect data based
outcome to assess and support teaching and
An initial stipend of $500 is rewarded at the
beginning of the program, then a $100 stipend
will be provided for each seminar attended; a
participant can earn up to $5,000
Don’t Delay, Apply Today!
Admission Requirements
Participants must be eligible for admission (or
already be admitted) to CSU Fullerton’s
credential programs – either Single Subject
Math, Single Subject Science or Education
Specialist in either Mild/Moderate,
Moderate/Severe or Early Childhood Special
Participants must fill out a Project AIMS
program application and be interviewed prior
to attending program meetings.
Admission Requirements
Participants must be willing to teach in a highneed school for at least three years after
graduation. If participant is also in another
federal grant, they must teach the time
committed to that program as well.
Participants must sign an agreement to:
--attend all seminar meetings and remain in
contact with program staff for three years
--repay any funds if dismissed or choose to
leave the program.
District Partners
Alhambra Unified School District
Anaheim Union High School District
Anaheim School District
Azusa Unified
Magnolia School District
Mountain View School District
Ocean View School District
Ontario Montclair School District
Pomona Unified School District
Santa Ana Unified School District
Your “To Do” List
Apply to the university at
-Apply as either Credential Only (Post-Bacc) or Credential and Masters(Graduate)
-Identify one of the following objectives: Mild/Moderate (481),
Moderate/Severe(482) or Early Childhood (436)
- $50 Credential Program Processing Fee
Apply to the Special Education or Secondary Credential program
- Deadlines: February 28 for Fall semester entrance and September 30 for spring
semester entrance
Pass all appropriate CSET for specific subject discipline
Pass all appropriate SMPPs and credential program prerequisite requirements
Contact Cheryl Creager at [email protected] for program application and
interview schedule. Contact Dr. Belinda Karge [email protected] for
program specifics and financial questions.
Your Success is Your Responsibility
• Be sure to submit all documentation!
– Make sure you have submitted transcripts for ALL universities
attended for both the University and the Program applications;
complete your file!!!!
– Make sure you submit examination scores as soon as you receive
them. Have them sent to you not the university.
• Keep copies of all documentation for your own files.
– We do not provide copies.
• Plan to attend Preorientation and Orientation Meetings
– Dates will be posted on the website!
• Stay on track by:
– Following your Credential Program Requirement Plan!
– Reviewing Credential Program Handbook before each semester begins.
– Communicating with your Program Coordinator for plan of study and
AIMS coordinator for support if you have any questions.
Important Websites
SPED Department website:
SPED Admissions website:
University admissions website:
Open University:
CSUF Career Center:
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing:
• Center for Careers in Teaching:
AIMS Scholar Program
Hit the bull’s eye with CSU
Fullerton, College of
Education AIMS Scholar
Contact Dr. Karge today!
[email protected]
Sponsored by the U.S. Department of
Education Transition to Teaching Federal
Assistance Program

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