The Great London
Fields Bake Off
Year 4 Cakes
The Great London
Fields Bake Off
Our challenge: Produce two baked
products per class good enough to sell at
the summer fair!
Background Research
First we looked at many cakes, to decide which we would like to
make. We looked at cakes such as sponge, fruit, lemon drizzle
and chocolate before rating how delicious they looked.
Market Research
Once we had narrowed it down to a few cakes, we sent out questionnaires to ask
our potential customers (consisting of parents/carers, teachers and children) what
kind of cake they would like. We asked questions such as:
What filling would you like?
How much would you be willing to spend?
What shape would you like your cake?
We used the answers to inform our design.
This was an incredibly important part of the DT week process. After
analysing our questionnaires, we had to use that information to
decide five key requirements that our cakes needed to have. This
would ensure maximum sales at the Summer Fair!
Focussed Practical Task
We practiced making cupcakes and decorating them with fillings.
The cupcakes were mini versions of some cakes that we would
potentially be producing at the end of DT week, ready to sell at
the Summer Fair. It was great fun to practice the baking skills
that our teachers had taught us!
Focussed Practical Task
In order to produce a design of our desired cake, we used our
specifications to fill in a blank cake template. Everybody brought
different ideas to the table which was incredibly helpful because it
gave us lots of inspiration to help us decide on our final product.
Selecting the final product
After a lesson of designing, we compared the designs against the
specification that we had already drawn up. It was important to find
a design that closely matched our specification to ensure our
customers were satisfied and to ensure excellent sales at the
Summer Fair.
Preparing Final Product
Once we knew how what kind of cake we wanted to produce, all that
was left was to make it! After checking our recipes, we gathered all
of the ingredients and equipment together.
Making the final product
Once our cooking stations were set up, we washed our hands to get
ready to make our cakes. Following our recipe closely, we placed
flour, sugar and cracked four eggs into the mixing bowl before
creaming it all together in a figure of eight with a big wooden spoon.
We then put it into the cake tin and into the oven for thirty minutes
on a low heat.
Finally we thought about what had worked about our final products
and what we could have improved. Each class came up with different
ideas about how to improve their design. Some included different
types of decoration, different coloured icing or adding different
fillings into the middle of the cake.

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