Pilot AP CSP Course Presntation v2

Pilot AP
Computer Science Principles Course
Art Lopez
Sweetwater High School
• CSP is a proposed AP course under
development that seeks to broaden
participation in computing and computer
science for high school and college students.
• The CSP course curriculum within San Diego
County developed and led by Dr. Beth Simon
of UCSD, and Dr. Diane Baxter for ComPASS
Background and Rationale for CSP
• Students require increasing skills in
computing across all STEM fields.
• Number of students (especially women and
minorities) studying computing and computer
science at both the high school and college
levels has been declining alarmingly.
• Number of college freshmen intending to
major in computer science plummeted more
than 70 percent this decade.
Goals of CSP Course
• Introduce and provide educational opportunities
for Computer Science curriculum at the high
school level.
• CSP course is intended to foster a wider appeal
for the computer science discipline and to better
prepare a pipeline of STEM majors.
• NSF funding project and targeting to increase
number of women and minorities that would
take this course.
• ComPASS CE21 is recruiting and training
teachers to teach CSP course in San Diego
• ComPASS CE21 promoting and recruiting high
schools and school districts to adopt course.
• Curriculum designed by Dr. Beth Simon and is
aligned with curriculum framework for the
Pilot AP CSP course.
Pilot AP CS Principles Course
• Information about CS Principles Course found
at: http://www.csprinciples.org/
• Curriculum Framework
• Learning Objectives
• Performance Tasks: three components.
ComPASS CE21 Curriculum
• Teach an engaging new computer science
principles curriculum (aligned with Pilot AP
CSP) based around the Alice 3D program.
• Alice On-Line Book: Expeditions Through Alice.
• Alice On-Line Book Teacher’s Guide.
CS10K Community
• Goal: Computer science should be part of
everyone's education, and everyone should
have a path to a career in computing.
• Goal: recruit and have 10,000 well-trained
computer science teachers in 10,000 high
school across the United States.
• Pilot AP CSP course using this Web site for
resources and discussion forums.
Phase II:
Pilot AP CSP Courses in San Diego
Art Lopez at Sweetwater High School.
Juanita Quevedo at Otay Ranch High School.
Jill Westerlund at Hoover High School.
Rebecca Dovi at Patrick Henry High School.
URLs for Pilot AP CSP Course
• College Board:
• ComPASS CE 21:
• CS10K Community:
Contact Information for
San Diego CSP Course
• Dr. Beth Simon: [email protected]
– Please add QWERTY at beginning of subject line.
• Dr. Diane Baxter: [email protected]
– Director of Education, San Diego Supercomputer and
• Ange Mason: [email protected]
– Education Program Manager , San Diego
Supercomputer and UCSD.
• Art Lopez: [email protected]
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