How to configure FUSD installed Linksys AP WRT

How to configure Linksys WRT-120N
wireless Access-Point(AP) router
1. Your AP router config
parameters can be found
taped on top of your AP router
4. This port should connect to
the internet
3. Connect AP’s Ethernet port-1
to your laptop with a Ethernet
2. If you press down the reset
button for 5 seconds, it will
reset to factory defaults, in
which case, you will need to go
through this slides to configure
it again to be functional.
1. Open a browser, type in URL, use
the admin pwd to login. If you reset to factory defaults,
search the user manual for the default admin pwd.
2. Configure the host name and domain
name the same as your AP’s name. e.g.
3. Configure the static DNS server IP
address. Please leave these area blank.
4. Click “Save Settings”, the AP will reset
itself for about 30 seconds
6. Click on the “Wireless” tab,
choose “Basic Wireless Settings”
7. Type in the AP’s name as SSID, e.g.
ParkmontCR13. The rests are the same
as defaults.
8. Click Save Settings
9. Click on the Wireless Security
10. Choose “WPA Personal”
as Security Mode
11. Enter your AP’s encryption key.
It should be taped on the back of your
wireless router/AP.
12. Click Save Settings. You’re done.
The rests are the same as defaults.

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