Significance of Rides and Symbolism
Full Tilt
Chapter 5 - Carousel
•Animals were all college mascots
•Blake was applying to colleges
•B jumps on to the Blue Lion (mascot for Columbia
Univ. which he chooses to attend)
•Fear of Attending college
Chapter 6
Bumper Cars
• Related to School Bus Incident
• Car is a Volvo, what he drives
• Car is conservative & safe – similar to his
• Fear of Driving
Chapter 7 - Swinging Boat
• Captain = Carl (mom’s fiancé) ; Mom= is hunted whale
• Whale has no teeth - defenseless like Mom
• Capt. = mom’s usual boyfriends-aggressive and trying to
take charge
• Fear of Mom’s Relationship w/man
Chapter 8
Mirror Maze
• Mirrors reflect the way you see yourself –fears &
• Buildings in maze from posters in his room
• Command clowns from his recurring nightmares
• Blake fears he is weak, cowardly, inadequate, stupid, and
Chapter 9
His Plane= the Japanese Zero
Cassandra’s Plane= American P-40
He has models of these planes in his room in battle
Blake’s fears rolled into one ride –roller coasters, planes,
falling, failing, and taking others down
Chapter 11
Wheel of Ra
• Ride meant for Quinn: addresses his constant need
for attention, and how he is blinded by it
• Blake is forced to confront his father & “set him
free” or forgive him
Chapter 14
Brain Jam
• Debris= buildings from Blake’s posters as well as Quinn’s
• Relates to Quinn= images from his CD’s, comics, books,
and posters
• Relates to Blake= images from his head
• Fear of trusting each other & working together to survive
Chapter 15 Tea Cup / School Bus
School Bus
Blake rides an 8th ride to save Quinn, Russ, & Maggie
Tea Cup is the School Bus Yellow School Bus incident
Repeats until he remembers how he survived and he forgives
• Fear of memory of accident

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