Nov 13 Product Roadmap

Broadband Product Road Map
2013/14 H1
2013/14 H2
Migration from 20C IPstream to 21C Wholesale Broadband Connect
IPstream ‘Stop Sell’
IPstream retirement within WBC footprint & Datastream in total
WBC rollout to further 195 sites
95th Percentile billing on WBMC launched
Ofcom Broadband Market Review Outcome
Out of hours migration product available
Asset report: map users to network element
Launch 40G host links
WBMC launch metro-node handover
WBMC Daytime bandwidth offer
TR101 Upstream line synch info delivered
“Preponing” (copper and fibre)
Openreach KCI notes via B2B & Portal
Automatic ordering for bandwidth modify
WBMC reseller model
MSE Trials
Further WBC expansion (To be agreed)
Multi-Service Edge Rollout and Migration
Consume BB regenerator
Review of cool Broadband
Multi-Service Edge Further rollout
Self install and PCP only trials
BBAC speed ranges
FTTC: Provide on cease
FTTP Full Commercial launch inc 220Mb
Wires only self install
FTTC: More focused appointments
Fibre on Demand Trial
KCI improvements
Sim 2 for PCP only FTTC
Vectoring Trials
SIM 2 for FTTC
Bulk Checker automation
Availability Checker usability improvement
Automatic Expedites
Fibre on Demand: ECC notification
FTTP 1XX, 40/15, 330/20 Stop Sell
FOD distance based charging & full launch
End of commercial rollout
FTTC SIM provide Expedite
Flexible appointing for FTTC LTC orders
EMP Mitigation and Consumption
BD UK areas roll out
Implement Ofcom Consumer switching
Future activities are aspirational and not fully committed
We’re deploying a new Multi-service edge (MSE) BRAS to meet
growing demand. We have 1 million end users on MSE.
What are BT doing?
Who is affected?
What does it
mean for you?
Further information
• Growth in bandwidth demand from increased volume and usage requires us to
expand the BT Wholesale 21CN Broadband Platform.
• We are introducing a new Broadband Remote Access server (BRAS) called Multiservice Edge (MSE)
We’re deploying, and migrating end users to, 457 MSEs by March 2014
Over 219 deployed so far.
Over 1 million end users on MSE
New orders go onto the MSE in areas where an MSE is deployed.
• Every CP is affected whether you buy WBC, WBMC Dedicated or WBMC Shared
• Copper or Fibre
• As planned, your end users are being migrated overnight with service outages.
• We were moving Customer VLANs and Service VLANs.
• Outages are currently averaging <1min on CVLANs and 16 mins on SVLANs
• See briefings: BB450-12, BB589-12, BB795-13 and BB 796-13 and previous ISP
forum presentations all to be found at
• Please contact [email protected]

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