Denise Bertuchi - Career Guidance

Denise Bertuchi
Assistant National Officer
UNISON Education and Children’s
[email protected]
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
Adult Guidance
•With regards to the service for adults there is
an ongoing tension between the twin pillars of
cost and the commitment to quality through the
matrix standard assessment.
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
Adult Guidance
There is much to applaud in the National
Careers Service offer of guidance through
online, telephone, and face to face support;
which was built on the fully integrated operation
formally provided by the Next Steps contract.
The NCS for adults has set wide ranging aims
and objectives which are being successfully
matched by delivery targets throughout the
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
Adult Guidance and Targets
•An issue facing staff working for the NCS is that
the work is target driven with too much time
spent on recording the work that has taken place
rather than on providing careers guidance.
•The time required to provide effective advice
has been grossly underestimated
•Any move towards payment by outcomes will
be detrimental to the quality of the service and a
massive step backwards
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
Supply and demand – the role of
Career Development
“Independent careers advice and guidance
has never been as important for young
people as it is today..... Young people
deserve better than the service they are
likely to receive under the current
arrangements. Schools cannot simply be left
to get on with it” Education Select Cttee July 2012
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
What the CBI say
Careers advice is on "life support" in many
schools in England with teenagers having
little knowledge of the workplace... careers
guidance must improve for young people
faced with a rapidly changing labour market
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
Demonisation of the careers
•It has been open season on the
professionals and the service with an
endless unfounded critique by the
•This is despite all the reports which provide
evidence about the vital role the service and
the professionals provide to the health of
society and the economy
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
How did we get where we are?
•In the last 18 years this service has been
privatised, nationalised, localised and now
•It has continued operating up until now due
the commitment, professionalism and
determination of its staff working with young
people to secure the best outcomes for them
in education, employment and training
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
Why the Careers service is
•Careers advisers are advocates for young
people and adults
•They help navigate through the complex
choices of qualifications,training,employment
•They work with government, employers and
industry in meeting skills needs
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
The Careers Service role with
•The CBI has identified that there are 47
different employment initiatives for
employers in England alone, which offer
funding and support for businesses taking
on and training young unemployed people.
•Busy firms need the whole process to be
easier to navigate
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
The Careers Service and the
The CBI report, Tomorrow’s Growth, argues that the
UK will fail to close its chronic skills gaps without
urgent action to boost advanced ‘learn as you earn’
training and more business-designed degrees and
recommends the creation of more inspiring careers
information and guidance and more support for
schools to meet their statutory duties
It also recognises the vital role to be played by face
to face guidance
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
the absence of regulatory rigour and safeguards
within the new legislation and the cuts the
service has faced have led to a postcode lottery
on the type and level of careers advice available
the effectiveness of careers guidance is directly
linked to the quality and accessibility of the
services offered this relates to both targeted and
universal advice
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
What is wrong with market
forces and local determination?
•Can be subjective and dependant on local
political views and knowledge of the
importance of the careers service
•Research evidence supports this
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
UNISON Campaign
•The careers service is an essential public
service and we are campaigning for the
recognition that this and the professionals
delivering the service deserve.
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
UNISON Campaign
UNISON believes that high quality careers
• Is vital for all people at critical stages in
their lives– at school, when leaving full-time
education, entering the workplace, facing
redundancy or changing direction
Should be available for people when they
need it, where they need it and through a
channel that works for them
CDI Conference
7 November 2013
UNISON Campaign
• Benefits all young people, from whatever
background or ability
• Must be delivered by impartial,
professionally qualified careers guidance
And it vital for the health of the economy and
CDI Conference
7 November 2013

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