Levels of Competition

2014-15 BPA Update
BPA Update
• Welcome to the BPA Update!
• Recognize any new advisors
–We are here to support you!
–Network with teachers in your
–Resources are available to you
Website Re-Design
• Help is only a click away…
• Advisors link
–Helpful resources
–Tools to use for your chapters
–Coming soon—chapter activities
suggestions for your chapters
Levels of Competition
– Fall Leadership Conferences – Presented by
different areas across the state, check
• Regional Advisors will post their FLC info online,
check back for more information
Save the dates:
October 11, 2014—Heritage HS, Frisco
November 1, 2014—Weslaco East HS, Weslaco
November 1, 2014—Seguin Outdoor Learning Center,
Levels of Competition
– Regional Leadership Conferences – Last three
weekends in January. Contact your Regional
Advisor for registration deadlines and more
information. First level of competition,
Participate in Torch Awards program, State
Service Projects, Area President elected,
winners advance to State competition
Levels of Competition
– State Leadership Conference --
• March 3-7--Dallas, Texas--Participate in Torch
Awards program, Texas Intern Program, State
Officer Team elected, winners advance to
– National Leadership Conference -• May 6-10—Anaheim, California--Participate in
Torch Awards, National Intern Program, National
Leadership Academy, National Officers elected
News from the Board
• Officer Team initiatives—
– Texas BPA Cares Award to encourage
participation in Special Recognition
– Focus on Sponsorships
– Focus on chapter connections and
– Special Olympics Links of Love
Community Service Opportunities
Special Recognition Awards (chapter recognition)
 Special Olympics
 Community Action Award
 Environmental Action/Awareness
 BPA Cares *Texas Chapter Cares Award
Torch Awards Program (individual recognition)
 Recognition earned by students for their
commitment to community service
Leadership Initiatives
Special Recognition Awards:
 Recognition earned by chapters for their
commitment to community service
Officer Positions
 Regional President
 State Officer Team
 National Officer Team
National Leadership Academy
Intern Program
News from the Board
• Proposed budget adopted. We hope
to invest more in promotional
materials and solicit more sponsors.
• Texas BPA is in good financial
standing. We operated with a
balanced budget and stayed in the
black, even when we added the
additional costs of online testing.
News from the Board
• State Leadership Conference will
provide a two day Leadership
Academy—open to all students. Plan
on participating on March 5-6
(Thursday and Friday). This adds
leadership training opportunities for
our students and will provide activities
for them to take back to their chapters
for team-building.
News from the Board
• Change in Torch Awards recognition
reception—Instead of providing a late
meal at the reception, Statesman
Torch Award recipients will receive a
gift in addition to their Torch pin.
Honors reception will be open to all
participants, no tickets required for
attendance. This celebration is open to
News from the Board
• Redistricting committee met and is
reviewing ways to balance the regions
to provide more opportunities for all
students. This will be discussed further
at the September Regional Advisors
meeting in San Antonio, September 20.
• Help in chapter recruitment
• New chapters being added
News from the Board
• Fundraising Opportunity—Texas BPA has
partnered with Service Fundraising. Service
Fundraising will donate 5% of your sales back
to Texas BPA for our scholarship funds.
• Contact Service Fundraising at
• Email [email protected]
• Call 1-800-236-2696
News from the Board
• New Board Officers—
– Chair—Jerry Burks
– Treasurer—Janell Rochelle
– Secretary—Danny Lopez
• Welcome to the Texas Board—
Shania Calloway, Student Board Rep
Mary Pat Strong, Area 2 Rep
Janell Rochelle, Area 4 (re-elected)
Jennifer Johnston, 1 year Business Rep
George Ozuna, 3 year Business Rep
News from the Board
• State Leadership Conference—Dallas
– Hotel info—Stay with us!
– Judges Comments—Last year we provided
envelopes and collected comment sheets that
were distributed after the Awards Session. This
presented confusion at Nationals and many
advisors left early and did not take comments.
We will follow the WSAP and comments will be
provided only to those schools to submit the
stamped return envelopes according to the
News from the Board
• State Leadership Conference
– Working on Special Event
– We need your help!—Serving as an admin
and proctor is vital to our success
– Programs will be online again as well as
News from the Board
• Contest updates—
– CEAC and the SAAC committees are
currently meeting to review all submitted
recommendations. Thank you to those
who submitted recommendations.
– New contests and decisions about Pilot
contests will be shared
News from the Board
• State Leadership Conferences
– March 4-7, 2015--Dallas, Texas
– March 2-5, 2016--Corpus Christi, Texas
– March 1-4, 2017--Dallas, Texas
• National Leadership Conferences
– May 6-10, 2015—Anaheim, California
– May 5-9, 2016—Boston, Massachusetts
Stay Connected
• We are TEXAS!
• Recognize Board Members and
Regional Advisors
– Thank you for your service
• Time to meet, greet and network
with your Region
• Any Questions?
For more information
Diana Weber
State Advisor, Texas Association
[email protected]
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