Pharmacy London

Community pharmacy flu
vaccination services- preparing
for 2014/15
The London Flu Service 2013/14
Rekha Shah
Michael Levitan
How It Began
• Joint Project – between LPCs and NHS England
• A Project Team with Appropriate Representation & Expertise
Contractors & Pharmacist Clinicians
Development of the Service
Service Specification
Single London-wide PGD
Training Requirements and Competency Assessment
IT Software Platform
EOI Process
Setting up of Appropriate Communication Channels
Number of Contractors
What was different about the Service Spec?
• Inclusion Criteria
 Any Eligible Person Living Working or being Educated in
London’s 32 Boroughs plus the City of London
 All Patient-Facing Healthcare Workers 1ry & 2ry Care
 Main Carer for the vulnerable & housebound
 Unregistered people
 NHSE staff
• Approved Competency Requirements eg private
training providers, previous provision
 Posters – Delivered Direct for use in Pharmacies and
in Libraries, Walk in Centres, Community Centres,
Dental Practices etc
• PR
 National & Regional
 Local Media
 Local networks e.g. LA Websites
Contractor Engagement/Support
• Operational Guidance
• LPC Communications
• Contractor Bulletins – Consistency of
Message across Independent, CCA & AIM
• Sharing Best Practice
• Learning from the Experience of Others
Patient Experience
• Patient Satisfaction Survey (ongoing collation)
 The increased access was found particularly useful by
those who work or find difficult to make
 Majority feel very appropriate in pharmacy setting
and would use again as well as other similar services
 Overwhelming support from users for a pharmacy
service such as this
Some Fantastic Patient Quotes
• “The pharmacist was friendly, informative, professional and
efficient. The injection was given within minutes of me coming to
the pharmacy- no waiting. And I would certainly return to Pharmacy
X for any vaccinations or medical assistance in the future”.
• "I am so pleased to be able to access this service whenever I am free
and without making an appointment or having to take time off
• “The pharmacist was fantastic, fully explained the procedure and
any possible side effects, clearly cared about my well being and was
open to answer any questions. She was terrific when doing the
injection as I am terrified of needles and offered any help and advice
on other services that I could benefit from. I will definitely come
back to the pharmacy again next year.”
Some Headline Results
• London Pharmacy Flu Service Delivered:
 70,000 total vaccinations
 55% of activity in the <65’s ‘at risk’ groups
 24% of pregnant women getting vaccinated in
London had the jab in a pharmacy
 17% of all vaccinations were for chronic respiratory
disease patients
 14% were for diabetics
Contact Details
• Rekha Shah – CEO, Pharmacy London
[email protected]
07958 641669 / 020 8909 9439
• Michael Levitan – Treasurer, Pharmacy London
[email protected]
020 8492 0592 / 0592

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