Informal DTC Webinar February 9, 2015 PowerPoint Presentation

Informal DTC Webinar
FEBRUARY 9, 2015
Welcome! Thank you for joining us. We will
begin shortly.
Intro to New Format
 We have a new look and feel!
ODE-provided Quick Reminders + Topics (25 min.)
ODE & DTC Question/Answer Session + Sharespace (25 min.)
 All questions will be addressed during the Q/A section,
as some of them may be answered over the course of the
topical slides.
Either raise your hand or type your question into the chat box
(we’ll tell you how in just a second)
 We will provide each Webinar Slidedeck for those unable
to attend.
Before We Begin…
 To ask questions, use the question
box or click the “raise hand” icon.
 Please participate in polls when we
use them. We need your feedback!
or click the “raise
Quick Reminders
 2014-15 Extended Assessment Training and Proficiency
website open for “practice”
 Smarter Balanced window opens 3/10—reminder to train
staff (reference promising practice at and howto video at
 Information for OAKS and Smarter Balanced:
Smarter Balanced Quick Updates
 Braille Practice Test Released
 Translated Test Directions for SBAC (PDFs)
 Text to Speech (TTS) on Practice Test (Items,
Items/Passages and Passages) can be accessed via
Guest login
 Permissive Mode is now available on Practice Tests
Assignment of the Classroom Activities for the
SBAC Performance Tasks
 Posted in TIDE on February 24, 2015
 School and district personnel with TIDE accounts
will have access
 Assigned by school, grade and content area
 District-level users will need to select a school in
their district from a drop-down menu
 Schools will only be assigned for grades at which
they have enrolled students
Assignment of the Classroom Activities for the
SBAC Performance Tasks
PDFs of Classroom
Classroom Activities for the SBAC Performance
Tasks (Special Test Forms)
 Multiple test forms associated with each classroom
 Test forms will be automatically assigned through TIDE
and the Test Delivery System (Student Information
System must reflect true attending/resident
schools and district)
 Braille, American Sign Language (ASL), Spanish
Translation (math), and non-English glossaries (math)
are not available on all test forms.
 These designated supports and accommodations must be
entered in TIDE at least two days before testing
Performance Task Scenarios
 If a student moves to a new school after
starting a Smarter Balanced performance
task, and the new school is assigned a different
classroom activity than the original school, the
student will be assigned a new test form that
corresponds to the classroom activity assigned to
the new school.
 Please check with the student’s original school to
determine whether the student has already
completed a PT. If they have, the student does
not need to take a second PT.
Performance Task Scenarios
 If a student starts a performance task
assessment and then moves to a new school
before completing the performance task
assessment, the new school may want the
student to complete his or her original test
form rather than start a new test form that
corresponds to the classroom activity associated with
the new school. If this happens, please contact
your ESD partner to discuss having the original
performance task assessment form reassigned to the
Embedded Glossaries-Audio (math only)
Available on
Practice Tests
2/13/15 & on
ELPA Update
 Regular ELPA Practice Test was updated over
weekend to remove graphic response drag and drop
items and hot text sample items.
 NOTE: Speaking short response items were field
tested last year in middle and high school. Middle
and high school student will not receive these
graphics on the operational tests, but they are still on
the practice tests.
ELPA Update
 Please report technical issues to your Regional ESD
Partner. If reporting issues to AIR via email, copy
your Regional ESD Partner. You will be issued an
helpdesk ticket number, which will guide remaining
communications to fix the issue. AIR will close
tickets if contacts do not respond to follow-ups after
multiple attempts.
 All TAs: Do not send student identifiable
information via email as this is a FERPA violation.
ELPA21 Field Test
 We are in early days of the HS field test—K-8 will
open next Monday.
 Make sure participating TA, STC, and DTC roles sign
a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to testing.
Training modules for the ELPA21 Field Test are on
the admin site, including a Surveymonkey for the
NDA, which leads to the PDUs that all participating
roles may receive (3 hours total) once they have
completed training.
Work Sample Bank
Where will Secure Work Samples be posted?
 Secure Work Samples will be posted in the Secure
Work Sample Bank application within the district
secure site.
When will the Secure Work Sample Bank
application within the district secure site be
 By March 1. Aiming for Thursday, 2/19. The
required reading and security forms will be posted by
Monday, 2/16.
Work Sample Bank
Total Posted in Number By
Remaining to be
posted by June
3 Algebra
1 Geometry
3 Statistics
Reading 12
7 Informational 16
5 Literary
Writing 27
7 Expository
8 Persuasive
4 Imaginative
Work Sample Bank
Which students are eligible to use the Secure
Work Samples?
 Students enrolled in grade 12 during the 2014-15
school year who does not have a passing Essential
Skills score using any of the approved assessment
options. Eligible students may receive up to two (2)
Secure Work Samples in each area.
Work Sample Bank
Who will be able to access the Secure Work
Sample Bank?
The only staff within a district who will have be
allowed to view and download Secure Work Samples
from the Secure Work Sample Bank are the:
 District Test Coordinator
 School Test Coordinator, and
 a third role, Essential Skills (limited to one per
Work Sample Bank
What is required to obtain access?
1. Each person must have read security forms and
sign security assurance.
2. Then DTC contacts the DSA to request access to the
Secure Work Sample Bank for those who have
been trained and in accordance with their role and
signed assurance.
Work Sample Bank
What task information will teachers and other
staff have access to?
A Secure Work Sample Summary List will be posted on
the Essential Skills page to provide information about
the posted Secure Work Samples. This list will include
 content area
 domain
 Secure Work Sample title
 for math and reading only, a short summary
Work Sample Bank
What will be the training requirement for
accessing Secure Work Samples?
Any person who has access to or participates in the
handling of test materials must read security forms
and signed security assurances.
Work Sample Bank
What are the reporting requirements?
 Districts will implement a system to record the
assignment of each Secure Work Sample to ensure
that only eligible students receive Secure Work
Samples. Records of which students received which
Work Sample must be kept on file in the district
office, subject to audit by ODE.
Work Sample Bank
What are the reporting requirements?
 ODE will send a survey to everyone who downloaded
a Secure Work Sample to learn about how the Secure
Work Samples were used and to gain insights into
how the Work Samples functioned.
Work Sample Bank
What are the security requirements?
 Secure Work Samples may only be administered to
students in paper-pencil format; students may
respond either in paper-pencil or word processing.
 All Secure Work Sample content, including student
responses and scratch paper, must collected,
inventoried, and securely stored.
 Students must not remove test materials from the
test environment; word processed student responses
must be saved on a flash drive that is securely stored.
Work Sample Bank
What are the security requirements?
 Transfer of Secure Work Samples must be done
securely; as a reminder, neither email nor fax are
considered secure means of transfer.
 Students must be monitored during Secure Work
Sample administration.
 All adults who handle or administer Secure Work
Samples must have completed the required reading
and security assurances.
Work Sample Bank
What are the security requirements?
 Translations are only allowed for Math or Writing
Secure Work Samples. They are NOT allowed for
Reading Secure Work Samples.
 Modifications are allowed.
Work Sample Bank
What are the security requirements?
 Improprieties should be handled locally, unless the
impropriety presents risk of substantial exposure of
the Secure Work Sample. The DTC must contact
ODE so that ODE can determine whether to remove
the Secure Work Sample and contact the other
districts who have downloaded the Secure Work
Sharespace Topics
Q&A Time

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