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The Mopria Alliance is a non-profit membership organization of leading global technology companies with the shared goal
of ensuring printing from smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices is intuitively simple. The Alliance was formed to
advance wireless printing from smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices by creating a standard that enables
printing to be universally compatible and consistently easy for users. By standardizing mobile printing technologies, the
Mopria Alliance will enable mobile app developers and device manufacturers to focus resources on innovation and new
features beyond maintaining basic print functions.
Mopria Alliance By The Numbers
The Mopria Alliance launched in September 2013 with 4 founding members: Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung and
Xerox. Today 6 members sit on the board for the Mopria Alliance with Adobe and Konica-Minolta elected to
participate with the founders.
The current 23 member organizations represent a broad swath of the mobile printing ecosystem, including more than
93% of the worldwide printer business, as well as frontrunners from software companies, engineering and consulting
firms, semiconductor companies and typeface designers.
Through the Mopria Alliance self-certification process, member companies have published certifications for over 250
mobile devices; mobile print accessories and printers models from 7 brands representing over 19 million print
devices in use today.
Mopria Technology
Mopria technologies help make printing from smart phones, tablets and mobile devices even simpler than traditional PCbased printing. All participating manufacturers will execute a single set of printing standards for seamless
Path to
Intuitively Simple
Mobile Printing
Task 4:
Task 3:
Task 2:
Task 1:
Encourage App
Developers to enable
print within their
Work with handset
manufacturers to pre-load
the Mopria Print Service in
smartphones and tablets
Develop and
introduce Mopria
Print Service in
Google Play
Enlist printer
manufacturers to join
and certify printers to
the standards
Mopria Alliance Member Companies
For more information, please visit www.Mopria.org

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