The Second Sino

The Second SinoJapanese War
Why are we talking
about this?
• Next case study is the Nanjing Massacre
• Context: Second Sino-Japanese War
(prefix: “Sino-”)
The Chinese Civil War
• Dates: 1927-1936 and 1945-1950
• War between Communists and
Nationalists for control of China
• Interrupted by Japanese invasion and
Communists and
Kuomintang (KMT)
Chinese Communist Party
• Goals: reunify China;
establish republic
• Leader: Chiang Kai-shek
• Goals: reunify China;
start socialist revolution
• Leader: Mao Zedong
Japan Invades
• 1931: Japan invades
• KMT ignores the
Japanese to focus on
the Communists
• Japan establishes a
puppet state called
Now who wants China?
1. Communists
2. Nationalists
3. Japan
The Second United Front
• Date: 1937-1945
• Communists and Nationalists unite to drive
out the Japanese
• Nationalists do most of the fighting;
Communists take time to regroup
Second Sino-Japanese
Date: 1937-1945
Japan rapidly advances
Chiang’s strategy: trading space for time
1940: stalemate
1945: Japan surrenders in WWII and
withdraws from China
The Nanjing Massacre
• Date: 1937
• Japanese troops slaughter 300,000
Chinese civilians, mostly women and
children, in Nanjing
• Widespread rape – estimated 20,000
• “The Rape of Nanjing”
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