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The Ohio State University
Ohio Staff Council of Higher Education
24th Annual Summer Conference
June 19-20, 2014 @ Columbus State and Ohio State
Pay/Salary Increases:
We have a shrinking number of
Classified Civil Service positions in
the university.
The typical variance between non
CCS and CCS salary aggregates has
been .25% in the past. This is the
first year that the university is
allowing more flexibility with
regard to the variance percentage
to acknowledge the lower
numbers of CCS staff in the units
and to allow the ability to deal
with poor performance in CCS
positions without a negative
impact on the aggregate.
Staff – we are expecting no more
than a 2% aggregate pool
Faculty – again we are expecting a
2% aggregate pool; 6% for a
Union/Bargaining – no information
at this time.
While a small increase is better
than no increase, it becomes
increasingly challenging to
reward and retain good
Change in Benefits Program:
Goal is to support both individual wellness goals and Ohio State’s aim to be
the world's healthiest university and to transform the focus of health care
from treating illness to preventing disease before it occurs.
Ohio State Family Wellness Expo
June is National Wellness Month! The Ohio
State University is excited to announce its
very first Family Wellness Games on
Saturday, June 21st. These games will be a
fun-filled day of learning for families with
children and teens of all ages to explore
and learn about the 9 dimensions of
wellness. Engage in wellness activities
designed to improve your family’s health
and well-being, including family-oriented
activity classes, nutrition and food demos,
fun wellness games and challenges, career
exploration, health simulations, tips for
increasing personal energy, and much
more! Eddie George, Ohio State’s Heisman
Trophy winner, and Dr. Bernadette Melnyk,
the University’s chief wellness officer, will
be there to help you learn the best
wellness strategies to improve the lives of
your entire family. A healthy lunch and
snacks will be provided. Join us from 9 to 3
pm at the Recreation and Physical Activity
Center on Ohio State’s main campus. It will
be a wellness day you won’t forget!
Those who take the Personal Health Assessment (PHA), including the
biometric screening will continue to receive an annual $360 PHA premium
credit. An additional $120 PHA premium credit when your spouse/same-sex
domestic partner also completes the PHA.
Faculty and staff who choose not to participate in the PHA are limited to only
one health plan with higher premiums and deductibles, as well as lower
coinsurance coverage.
There was a nominal charge for dependent coverage.
National Employee Wellness Month
Starts Next Week!
The month of June is going to be packed with opportunities to CONNECT,
MOVE, NOURISH and RECHARGE as the campus celebrates National
Employee Wellness Month (NEWM). To open the month, Your Plan for
Health is partnering with Rec Sports to offer all faculty/staff, their
spouses/same-sex domestic partners and dependents under the age of 18 a
FREE WEEK at all Rec Sports locations! Enjoy this limited time opportunity to
test out the facility, take group fitness classes, enjoy the pool and much
more. Not sure the RPAC is for you? Take one of the guided tours and get
your questions answered. Additional activities throughout the week include:
yoga and pilates classes, a stair climbing workout and a line dancing
session. There is something for everyone!
None that were university driven as of yet.
Although the University Separation Incentive is
still a viable option for areas where it make sense.
Student Employment Policy
Changes were made to the
student employment policy
related to the Affordable Care
•Enrolled students can work
up to 28 hours per week
(used to be 30)- no matter the
enrollment hours.
•Students not enrolled can
work up to 38 hours per week
(used to be 40).
•Even with these limits,
students can still become
benefits eligible.
Classification and Compensation Project
Ohio State is still undergoing a very large, multi
year Classification and Compensation Project
through Sibson Consulting. The project is still
moving along as scheduled.
•This is to accomplish/establish the purpose of
our pay programs, external market and
positioning, variability of pay within and between
jobs, internal equity, role of performance, career
tracks, transparency and decision making.
•Pay ranges will be meaningful and based on
•Few exceptions for being paid outside the range.
•Benchmarking based on KSAs, impact and scope
of responsibility.
Ohio State’s Participation in a regional Higher Education Recruitment
Consortium (HERC)
Changes to Football Tickets
Tickets are still allotted by points
(years of service and your
New this year is that you have an
opportunity to select your actual
seats for the season. Staff who
paid for tickets were given a
“window” in which they could
select their seats from those still
available for the season.
The Ohio State University has partnered with Case Western Reserve University to
establish a regional Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC). The OH/Western
PA/WV HERC is a partnership of 30+ campuses that work together to improve faculty,
research, and staff recruitment with an emphasis on enhancing diversity & assisting dual
career couples. This regional HERC offers:
One comprehensive job board for faculty, research, and staff positions
Gateway to jobs within a commutable distance in our region
Dual career search technology
Email job alerts
13,000+ CV/resume database
Regional and relocation resources
Higher education jobseeker news & tips
Beginning Friday, May 16, all job postings on the Careers at Ohio State website
(www.jobsatosu.com ) will automatically be posted to the HERC website, with the
exception of postings with intended candidates (pounded positions). Job postings will be
removed from the HERC website based on their posting end date.
Employment of Minors at Ohio State
It is that time of year when some units employ individuals who are under the age of 18,
so it is a good time to review Ohio law. While every individual under the age of 18 (who
has not graduated from high school) is considered a minor and must have a working
permit on or before the first day of work, minors aged 16 and 17 employed during
summer vacation are not required to obtain a work permit. Instead, as a condition of
employment and per Ohio Minor Labor laws, minors aged 16 and 17 must present the
following information to the unit prior to working:
Proof of age of the minor must be verified and a copy maintained by the
A signed consent form from the parent or guardian of the minor providing consent
to the proposed employment.
Minors aged 14 and 15 are still required to have a working permit during summer
vacation. Summer vacation for minors is defined by Ohio law as the time period from
"after the last day of the school term in spring and before the first day of the school term
in fall." This term does not correspond to the university’s summer break. You must use
the summer vacation dates for the school district in which the student resides.
Additionally, we have created a new student assistant title to use for these hires. The
Student Assistant – Non-OSU Minor title (job code 7964) is now available. This title
should be used for student employees who are minors (under the age of 18) and are not
enrolled students of The Ohio State University.
The Ohio State University
University Staff Advisory
Committee Accomplishments 2013-2014
1. Provide feedback on behalf of staff
Successful awarded over $100,000 in professional development grants through the
enhanced funding of existing Staff Career Development Grant and creation of the new
Staff Manager Development Grant
Hosted a retreat for Staff Advisory Committees (SAC) on the Columbus campus and
smaller campuses
Participated in Presidential Search Advisory Subcommittee on behalf of staff (Chair)
Participated in the Parking Advisory Committee on behalf of staff (Chair)
Participated in Comprehensive Parking and Transportation Plan on behalf of staff (Chair)
Participated in the One University Health & Wellness Council on behalf of staff (Chair)
Represented USAC on a task force aimed at implementing a subsidized option for COTA
passes for faculty and staff (USAC member)
Shared a large volume of staff feedback with CampusParc representatives
2. Strengthen strategic partnerships
Met with members of the Leadership Development Collaborative regarding professional
development opportunities
Developed strong relationships with the Human Resources leadership team
Hosted a USAC alumni picnic to reestablish relationships and lines of communication
with former members
Met with the President and Provost’s Council on Women (PPCW) to determine where
our priorities overlap and where our voices can be strengthened by joining forces
3. Enhance Staff’s awareness of USAC
SCBS members attended Staff Advisory Committee meetings to share updates on USAC
projects and initiatives
Volunteered at the inaugural Take a Lap Around the Oval event
Hosted town hall on Health and Wellness where staff could learn more about the
university’s initiatives around health and wellness
Continued to streamline USAC materials to align with new University visual identity and

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