Medical Library Computing Staff Supporting Web

Medical Library Computing Staff
Supporting Web-Based NBME Exams
Selim Hascelik
Assistant Director of Library Computing and Systems
[email protected]
August 13, 2013
• Blacklisted items for NBME web-based exams
• Technical Support activities prior to exam and
on exam day
• Proctor role on exam day
• Proctor Workshop: Disabling Blacklisted items
• Questions
Blacklisted items
• 10 items are identified so far
• Most Occurrences >> Real Player software,
more than 80%, (recordingmanager.exe)
• 9 other identified items with less occurrences
on both PC and Mac environments
Technical Support activities prior to exam and
on exam day
• Real Player program has been uninstalled
• Exam Compatibility Check (“Prior to Test Day”)
• Secure Browser (“On Test Day”) is downloaded
when Chief Proctor provides the Exam URL and
Start-up Code*
• Secure Browser includes a function that can detect
any Blacklisted items
• Library staff will assist proctors to disable
Blacklisted items detected on Proctor’s workstation
*Start-up Code changes every 15 minutes
Proctor role on exam day
• Proctors and students should arrive 30 minutes
before the exam start time
• 30 minutes preparation period is needed to allow
sufficient time for check-in and to disable any
blacklisted items for a problem free exam launch
• Standard procedure recommended by NBME
Proctor role on exam day
• Proctors should announce that all students have to
wait before launching the exam until everyone can
successfully sign-in
• Distractions occur if support staff must walk around
the room disabling blacklisted items
Proctor Workshop
• If a Blacklisted item is detected, an alert will
display on both the examinee’s and the Proctor’s
• 45 minute Proctor Training Workshop
Clerkship Director(s)/Coordinator
• Ambulatory Medicine: Dr. Thomas Barber and Dr. Suzanne
Sarfaty/Coordinator: Cleon Ryland
• Family Medicine: Dr. Miriam Hoffman/Coordinator: Florence
• Geriatrics: Dr. Lisa Norton/Coordinator: Jill Whitney
• Internal Medicine: Dr. Warren Hershman/Coordinator: Britt
• Neurology: Dr. Anna Hohler/Coordinator: Dianna Gromczynski
• Obstetrics & Gynecology: Dr. Jodi Abbot/Coordinator: Makeba Kent
• Pediatrics: Dr. James Moses/Coordinator: Lillian Eichorn
• Psychiatry: Dr. John Otis/Coordinator: Kristen Paiva
• Radiology: Dr. Christina Lebedis/Coordinator: Heather Griffin
• Surgery/Surgical Subspecialties: Dr. Jane Mendez/Coordinator:
Myriam Castagne
 Departments providing web-based NBME exams

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