North Carolina Licensure for Professional Counselor

To practice counseling related activities
Student enrolled in practicum or internship
Work in an exempt setting
Role as an exempt status
Counseling activities
› Direct counseling experience consists of live
contact with individuals, groups, and families
through counseling as defined in G.S.90330(a)(3)a thru b:
› Licensed Professional Counselor Associate
› Restricted license must have supervision
› Licensed Professional Counselor
› Unrestricted license supervision not required
› Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
› Board approved supervisor & supervision not
Application fee is a $100.00 + $38.00
› $100.00 applicant increasing July 1, 2014 to $200.00
› $38.00 finger print
Restricted counseling work is supervised
› Must have 1 hour of face-to-face supervision for
every 40 hours of professional practice
› 100 hours of supervision must be individual meetings
To apply for LPC
› 3000 hours of supervised professional practice post
degree, of which 2000 hours must be direct
› Working not less than 8 hours & no more than 40
hours per week. Changing July 1, 2014 to can only
renew LPCA twice
Regionally accreditation institution
 One course per section
 Courses with unclear titles attached
› Appalachian State University course titles do
not need a syllabus
› Counseling theories and technique is
Helping Relationship on the new applicant
On NCBLPC website www.ncblpc
Check the Board’s calendar for deadlines
Check the Board’s website of update information
Complete application
General information
Credentials (if you have any)
Legal & Ethical History
Graduate Counseling Experience (clinical)
Graduate Courses
Photo and Application Validation
Sealed Official Conferred Degree Transcript
 National Counselor Exam
 Professional Disclosure Statement
 Jurisprudence Exam
 Verification of Graduate Counseling
Experience form for both practicum &
 Finger Prints
 Supervision Contract-need before you start
Before graduating order from the registrar
office your sealed conferred official
transcripts to be directly sent to each:
› NBCC – needs your sealed official transcript
with conferred date sent by Appalachian State
University before releasing your GSA-NCE
scores to NCLPCB
It can take 4 to 6 weeks for each
organization to receive your transcript
 National
Counselor Exam (NCE)
GSA-NCE exam is administered on campus
during Fall & Spring Semester
Fee is $295.00 to take the exam
List-serve for GSA-NCE announcement
Request Appalachian State University to
send an official sealed transcript showing
degree conferral date
 Request NBCC to send your test scores to
 Prior to graduating send NBCC your new
Licensure & renewal
Print completed certificate & include with
the application
Administrative fee $25.00
No fail
Administrator by Center for Credentialing
and Education via the i-counseling website
Make sure you are completing the North
Carolina Exam
The exam is to be complete within six
months prior to application or renewal
Must be provided to clients prior to
counseling services starting
 A signed copy must be maintained in the
client record(s)
 Must include information as listed in Rule
› Instructions:
› Template:
Verification of Graduate Counseling Experience
› All University supervisor – Practicum &
Supervision Contract – send with application if
› Must be approved before counseling services
› LPCS – Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
› Approved Board Supervisor – Qualified Supervisor
Direct hours
 Supervised Experience
 Renewal Process
Plan ahead
› Send in application at least three weeks before the board
deadline with a returned receipt
› Include all documents as stated in earlier slide
Be Patient
› Do not call or e-mail the board once and after
completely reviewing the website
› All documents need to be received and reviewed prior to
being award licensure
› Each organization can take about 4 to 6 weeks to send
materials or notify you including the NCLPCB
› Remember to log-in and check status before contacting
the board – keep the board letter with your login
Be Wise
› Send supervision contract in with application so that your
supervisor can be approved along with your application.
› You can not start working until your supervisor receives
notice that your supervisor has been approved.
Start the application process early
Good luck!!!!

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