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What are the positives and negatives
of tourism in Cancun?
tourism in
Is Sustainable Tourism the way forward?
• Countries and regions where the economy is driven by
the tourism industry are becoming increasingly
concerned with the environmental, as well as the sociocultural problems associated with unsustainable
• As a result, there is now increasing agreement on the
need to promote sustainable tourism development to
minimise its environmental impacts and to ensure more
sustainable management of natural resources.
Definition of Sustainable Tourism
• The concept of sustainable tourism, as
developed in the United Nations sustainable
development process, refers to:
“Tourism that minimises the costs (negatives)
and maximises the benefits of tourism for
natural environments and local communities,
and can be carried out indefinitely without
harming the resources on which it depends”.
Ecotourism in Cancun
• Ecotourism is environmentally friendly tourism where the
people involved seek to protect the environment as much
as possible and to allow for some level of education as
• In many cases of ecotourism;
some of the profits go back
into protecting the and the
tourism scale, with low visitor
number densities and
environmental approaches
to accommodation and food.
Ecotourism in Cancun
• The impact of ecotourism on the environment is low, but because
the numbers of tourists allowed is low the price must be high to
• Ecotourism stems from 2 concepts - stewardship and
• Stewardship is careful management of the environment on a
large scale across regions, nations and even internationally. All
developments are planned sustainably.
• Conservation is more LOCAL in its nature
allowing local people to be involved.
• Unfortunately not all people or
governments are concerned about either.
• Research one sustainable initiative currently
being used in Cancun and answer the
following question:
• Using a named initiative, explain how it is
being used in an area (you have studied) to
move towards a more sustainable future.
(6 marks)

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