Pile Foundations

Advanced Construction Technology
By Professor Chris Gorse & Ian Dickinson – licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial – Share Alike License
Pile Foundations
Professor Chris Gorse and Ian Dickinson
These slides should be read in conjunction with Emmitt, S. and Gorse, C.
(2010) Barry’s Advanced Construction of Buildings. Oxford, Blackwell Publishing
Pile foundations
Pile foundations.
The pile foundation takes the load of the building
through made-up ground or weak soil to load bearing
strata. Ground beams transfer the building loads to
the piles.
Precast driven concrete piles
Pile foundations.
Columns of concrete driven into the ground by a percussion hammer
Cable percussive auger. Piles can be
bored to considerable depths
Auger bored piles
Pile foundations.
Threaded cutting rigs cut through the ground boring a hole (column) which is replaced with
concrete or reinforced concrete.
Steel piles inserted – where ground beam reinforcement is
positioned the steel piles have been trimmed so that they sit
below the beam
Ground beams
Reinforcement used to create ground beams to span
between piles and carry the building loads.
This ground beam is sitting on top of
Cardboard formwork used to contain the concrete within the
ground beam and prevent excessive use of concrete.
Concrete outside the designed foundation area would be
wasted and add additional weight to the building.
Partially complete ground beam
spanning onto pile cap
Ground beam
Steel reinforcement
cage for ground beam
Excavation for pile
cap or pad foundation

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