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Development of the Controlled
Assessment task for 2015
Jason Lock
Assistant Head of Centre
Juniper Hall Field Centre
8th October 2013
The enquiry process
• Involve the candidates in the enquiry process.
– What is the wider geographical concept / theory
that is being tested?
– What are they aiming to achieve? – involve
candidates in posing enquiry questions
– How might candidates take some ownership for
selecting or collecting data? How will they
demonstrate independence?
Task Information
(2015 submission)
• Investigate the factors that help to create a
sustainable residential community
• 4.3 How might sustainable residential
communities be planned?
What’s different?
• Sustainable Communities study focuses on
sustainability aspects relating to equality,
water, transport, energy, waste and materials
• Many field techniques are similar to Quality of
Life studies, BUT a study that just focuses on
equality would not be appropriate.
Geographical model / theory
The Egan Wheel of sustainability
Geographical model / theory
Sir John Egan identified that...
sustainable communities should:
• make effective use of natural resources
• enhance the environment
• promote social cohesion & inclusion
• strengthen economic prosperity
Well connected?
Service provision?
Well designed &
Geographical model / theory
Egan Wheel of sustainability
Housing density and off street parking
Street Tranquillity and Greenery
Traffic flows, Speed of Traffic & Congestion
People watching
Who knows an area best?
Obviously it is the people who live, work and
spend their lives there.
What needs to be changed?
Crime observation surveys
Anti crime features in the built environment
Crime observation surveys
Crime likelihood assessment
Service provision
...within each survey area
•Examine the timetables at a bus stop and mark the
routes onto a base map of the area.
•Identify areas that are not served and measure the
distance required to travel to the nearest service.
Building surveys
Sustainable buildings
Building design & sustainable futures:
•Materials used / double glazing / renewables
Building surveys
Stakeholder interviews
Community action groups
A community
led initiative
DNA enables people to...
• Say what they really want
• Discuss the practicalities of ideas and projects
• Consider a vision for the future
• Develop an action plan making that vision a reality
Photographic evidence
Jason Lock
Juniper Hall Field Centre
[email protected]

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