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It is the policy of Region 10 Education Service Center not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender or handicap
in its vocational programs, services or activities as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the
Educational Amendments of 1972; and Section 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Region 10 Education Service
Center will take steps to ensure that lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in all educational
programs and services.
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November 6, Thursday at 10am
Today’s Agenda!
TSNAP TETN Update with some
 Smorgasbord!
2015 Accountability
 ELL Safeguard Tidbit
 8th Grade Math Scenario
 Spanish STAAR
Assessment Issues:
 Not enough computers to test all students
on the same day?
○ Look at Security Supplement for Rules on
Flexible Scheduling
 Make good decisions!
 Testing one day is best, but you can move students
to a different day if you don’t have enough
 Maintain the schedule as best as possible
 Not because you don’t like tests on a Monday
Fall Incident Audit
 They will sample and review incident reports
 They’ll contact you if they think your action
plan wasn’t sufficient (phase 1)
 Phase 2 is to follow up with districts to see if
they implemented it
 Testing personnel need to locate incident
plans from last year
EOC Test Results
Data files and rosters for online testers
will be posted one week after the end of
the online testing window for Algebra 1,
Biology, and US History
 The rest of the results will be posted one
week later
ELL Progress Measure
ELL progress measure will be in the
2015 data file format
 Will it be in accountability file? Yes
 Can plan be in sirs file?
Not yet
 Pearson is going to check on getting plan for
us since it can be calculated from the
student data file
Chromebooks for Online Testing?
Yes, they are compatible with Test Nav.
UPDATE: They don’t run Java!!! See
webinar dated 11/6 for more details!
TAKS Next Week
No accommodations for Out of School
Testers, even if they receive
accommodations in an institution of
higher learning
 Accommodations are based on instruction,
secondary education assessment
Be prepared for OOS testers who must
test online
SSI Brochures and STAAR A
New manuals with updated information
coming soon
Accountability for 2015???
To Be Determined…
Policy decisions
 Statutory requirements are that
assessments be included in the system.
We probably won’t see exclusions in
Index 1. Index 2-4 are difficult if not
impossible in some cases.
Index 2
High Schools: GAME ON!!!!
 3-8: No Math Progress Measure
 Reading
 Writing (Grade 7)
Plan on teaching and doing a great job
regardless of the status of this index
2015 Index 3,4
Not seeing changes in Index 3
 Statutory requirements call for additional
indicators in Index 4
 Certifications
 Foundation Plan Grads
Final Level 2 will stay in Index 4 (2+
STAAR A/ALT 2 And Accountability
STAAR A does NOT count towards a 2%
 2% cap is GONE
No Progress Measure this year for those
who took STAAR M last year
 STAAR Alternate 2 Falls Under 1% Cap
 Failure to stay in the 1% cap will result in an N
Federal Safeguards
 Students above the 1% cap will not count as
artificial failures
STAAR Alt 2 Score Codes
Score Code N: Counts as a participant,
excluded from performance.
Score Code M: Excluded from
participation AND performance.
Score Code O or A: Counts as a nonparticipant, excluded from performance.
 If you can’t finish assessment in window
due to disability, contact TEA
 If you just run out of time, no extension
Participation Rates and PBMAS
All 3 Administrations Included
 Looking for missing testers?
 Check Summer 2013
○ There was an A code on the answer document
Sped Arded Out of Retesting Prior to
December and Voided???
 No ARD Exempt bubble on December test in
 I’ve contacted TEA
Let me know others you’ve run into!
ELL and Safeguards?
District Calls to say, “Why does our
Safeguard Report say we missed 0
Safeguards, but our Data Tables show that
we missed some for ELL?”
 Answer:
 The ELL used for safeguard performance
includes monitored as well as current ELL.
Apparently those additional students did well
enough to raise the performance to 55% or
above. The column labeled “Current &
Monitored ELL” is the one used in that section.
8th Grade Math Student Scenario
What would we do if we have acquired a
student that was enrolled in PAP math 7 in another
district, but took math 8 STAAR and
passed? Typically not a problem, however, this
student is enrolled in 8th grade math here. Are we
to give 8th grade STAAR again this spring even
though she passed as a 7th grader?
Yes. Based on the information you
provided, this student would take the 8th
grade math assessment this year.
Who Can Take Spanish STAAR?
Today, the very first consideration for any ELL is
whether Spanish is the most appropriate measure
of their progress. If yes, then we must choose a
Spanish assessment. The language of instruction
or language of previous assessments are no
longer to be considered. If there is a Spanish
assessment and it is the most appropriate way to
access their knowledge and ability, then we
choose Spanish. Students who are “parent
denials” are never able to assess with the Spanish
STAAR—just a note!
Lee Ann Valerio has more documents and
Spanish STAAR, Continued
Region 10 Resources
Special Education Google Site
 TETN video links and Powerpoints from
 https://sites.google.com/site/r10spedleaders
Accountability Website
Big Changes Coming Soon!

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