Learnings From the Civic 50: America`s Most

The Civic 50
Marcia Bullard
Chair America’s Charities
Points of Light Board Member
Former President and CEO of USA Weekend
What is The Civic 50?
An initiative to identify the 50 most community minded
companies in the nation.
Sets the standard for corporate civic engagement nationwide
and creates a roadmap for companies seeking to best use
their time, talent, and resources to improve the quality of life
in the communities where they do business.
Published in Nov 12, 2012
Bloomberg Businessweek
Covered by 40 additional outlets
including Huffington Post, CBS News, Politico,
CSRWire, and regional Business Journals, with over
200 outlets running the original release announcing the
inaugural list.
Survey Questions
• Leadership
Who is involved in identifying community engagement program issue
areas and setting strategic priorities?
• Measurement/Strategy
Do you look at the impact of your CEP on your company’s bottom
• Design
Does your company provide incentives for employees to volunteer
(such as paid time off for volunteering, pro bono service
opportunities, matching donations, or dollars for doers)?
Survey Questions
• Employee Civic Growth
Do you have recognition programs for your employees involved in civic
• Community Partnerships
Does your company partner with community organizations to address local
• Cause Alignment
Does your CEP address any specific social issues? What social issue(s) does
your company address? Are these issues aligned with your core business
competencies? If so, please explain.
• Transparency
Do you release this information publicly?
Key Trends – The Civic 50
KEY FINDING 1: What’s good for the company can be good for the
TREND: A growing number of sophisticated tools measure the impact
of community engagement and its effect on reputation, customer
loyalty and the bottom line.
TREND: Companies are identifying a data-driven connection between
their investment in community engagement programs and their
success in recruitment, retention, leadership development and
employees’ civic growth.
Key Trends – The Civic 50
KEY FINDING 2: What’s good for the community is good for the
TREND: The decision to align a company’s social issues with its
business purpose seems to be strategic and increasingly common.
Key Trends – The Civic 50
KEY FINDING 3: Checkbook philanthropy is on the back burner, as
corporations leverage time and talent alongside their financial resources.
TREND: Corporations are not just throwing money at problems—they are
aligning resources and mission, and expecting to play a strategic role with
community partners on an ongoing basis. For their investment, companies
expect metrics beyond dollar amounts and volunteer hours served.
TREND: Board and executive leadership are critical in ensuring that community
engagement is a top organizational priority and integrated throughout the
Panel Discussion
• Janine Rouson, Director, Global Volunteerism and
Corporate Citizenship, GE
• Tracy Moore, Group Manager Community Relations, Target
• Susan Portugal, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social
Responsibility Philanthropy Director, Bank of America
• Christine McPhillips, Global Citizenship & Policy, Abbott
The Civic 50 – What’s New
-Survey Focus Areas:
Civic Commitment measures how extensively the company applies its resources to civic improvement
Strategic Resource Allocation evaluates how the company strategically directs assets and activates resources
from other institutions and individuals to maximize community impact
Business Integration will focus on how a company’s community engagement activities support its business
Company Policies measures how the company supports community engagement through its institutional
policies, systems, and incentives
And Measurement is how a company measures the social value and business value of its community
engagement programs
These five categories are all weighted equally and will be combined to create a company’s composite score
Impact Partnership
The Civic 50 Survey is Open!
Deadline is August 16, 2013
Visit www.civic50.org
Survey Pool - S & P 500 Companies
Technical Assistance Webinars: June 27, July 23
Stay Tuned: Going Local!
Questions: [email protected]
Customized Reports
S&P 500 that submit a completed Civic 50 application will be eligible to
receive a free Individual Ranking Report, which will list the company's
individual score and ranking in each category
-Additional reports, with greater detail to support more detailed corporate
reporting and continuous improvement efforts, are available for a fee
•Category Report - Ranking, benchmarking, and best practice highlights by
dimension (full population and industry-specific results)
•Full Report - Question-level ranking, benchmarking, and best practice
highlights (full population and industry-specific results)
The Civic 50

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