Budget Overview & Security OvervieW

March 11, 2013
By Fred J. Hofman
Harrison Public Schools
Controlled Access
 Electronic Exterior
 Security Window Film
 Video Camera System
(8-12 Cameras)
Magnetic Release Doors
Panic Alert Button
Drop Down Door
Expansion of Front / Main
Library Door(s)
Note: I have independently researched and consulted other
area schools for ideas and information. I have also consulted a
local contractor for some of the data to follow, as well as 5
separate security companies from Bozeman, Butte, Ennis, &
Idaho Falls for estimation and strategies that COULD BE
employed. Most of these ideas would not dramatically change
the appearance of the Harrison School.
Expand Main Entry to
create more room by
moving interior door
in approx. 2 feet.
 Potentially move main
exterior door out
approx. 2 feet
 Button / Intercom in
Approximate cost: $3,000
Judi’s Office
Expanding entry: $1,000-$2,500
If we decide a controlled access point is an appropriate
safety precaution, as many schools in our area are looking
at (Lima, Twin, Ennis, Anderson), it is my firm belief we
need to expand the front entry for the comfort of our
public and parents.
The video intercom would be placed to the right of the fire alarm
system control. The interior door would be moved in about 2 feet,
right to where the light switch is. The exterior door could also be
moved out 2 feet to the superintendent office window.
Emergency Services personnel
could have keys as well
Elementary side door
Main Entrance
High School door
Possibly add 4th door
Approximate cost: $6,000
8 – 12 Cameras
Cover entry points doors
1-Back elementary door
1- Side elementary door
2- Elementary halls
2- Front Lobby
1- Basement of H.S.
1- 2nd floor of H.S.
looking at H.S. door
Master Controller and
DVR in Office
Approximate cost: $7,500
Staff could see
live feeds in a
could see live
feeds during a
Live feed in
office 24/7
DVR in Office
All Lower Level
 $5.00 per square foot
Not just Post-it Notes!
There are a number of companies
that provide security window film
Approximate material cost:
 Demonstration
Window Film
 With
Bat &
Tire Iron
 With
a Gun
Can view videos on Youtube.
Approximate cost: $6,000
Notify Students, Parents, Staff & 911
$3,500 - $7,500
Intent is to seal off
Elementary from High
School & from Lobby Area
& conversely, the High
School from the
Elementary and Lobby
area, within a few
In theory, we close off
portions of the school to
minimize risk.
A regular door will not work here…
Automatic Release Drop Down
Door here …
Magnetic Release on primary
Gym Doors
Magnetic Release Door to High School
Magnetic Release Cafeteria Doors
Magnetic Release to interior
Elementary Door could create a
double barrier to entry with window
security film
Potential Magnetic Release to Back
Corner interior Door; although this
could trap someone in the bathroom
Fire Escape
Intruder Escape
Locker Rooms
Estimates on Magnetic Release
system have not been
provided yet
Other Potential
Magnetic Release
Elementary Classrooms
 Other Gym Doors
(south side)
JH Classroom Door
Releasing these individual
doors could be cheaper than a
drop down door.
17 Magnetic Locks = $3,500
for hardware alone
Library exterior Door
needs to be replaced
Could replace interior
Library entrance doors
with heavy duty
“lockdown” type of
Could make Library a
H.S. ‘bunker’ with a
secondary escape route.
Library exterior door needs to
get replaced regardless …
To flee, you first need
to see…
Elementary secondary
hiding places:
Weight Room
Conference Room
“Ball Room- in gym”
The High School front entrance
doors need to be readjusted,
$29.99 - $129.99 -Per hole
Where practical, installation of
peepholes may also allow for escape
According to 1 security company, we can likely save a significant sum (as much as
$5,000) by using volunteer labor or otherwise doing some of the project ourselves
 Camera
 Security Window Film
 Electronic Access Doors
 Intercom System
 Expansion of Entry
 Panic Button System
 Magnetic Release locks
 Drop down door
 Door Replacement
 Peepholes
$7,500 +/$3,500 +/$6,000 +/$3,000 +/$1,000 +/$6,000 +/TBD
$5,000 +/$2,500 +/$500+/-

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