Gym Candy

Mike Johnson 14 and
he’s been taught to
be a beast at football
all his life he has big
steps to follow in
since his dad was in
the NFL he is on
varsity as a freshman
and he is wrecking
The Point of view is first person from
Mike Johnson as the narrator
The conflicts are between Mike Johnson
and steroids and all of the problems that
they cause like friends girlfriends and
Many call Dianabol , or
DBol , as the granddaddy
of anabolic steroids, and
that's with a solid basis.
This steroid has been
developed in the 1950s
and you think that several
decades past, Dianabol
must have been replaced
by newer anabolic agents.
The answer to that is a big
NO. Stealth compounds
and designer drugs cannot
dislodge Dianabol from its
top position on steroid
Couldn’t find any
information but he
uses it before
football games to
get him pumped and
get energy.
The main characters in this novel are
Mike Johnson (the narrator) ;Peter, mikes
trainer; mikes best friend drew; Mikes
other friend Deshawn; the girl mike likes
Kaylee. And his dad.
I like the story line in the book it was
really well written book and he really put
you in to the story. Like your were on
the field in the game. But I disliked the
ending of the book. It is a cliffhanger.
They use irony in the book by Mike
talking bad on the kids from Foothill
(there rival school) and saying that all of
them where on steroids and then he
gets on steroids.
 They use a lot of imagery by explaining
the football field and what mike is
seeing like the other guys getting hurt
after he trucks them.
I would recommend the book to any
body that wants a fast read, and a really
good football book.

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