CFG – Safeshield Powerpoint

Columbian Financial Group
Go to
Log in and click on
Select Columbian
Financial Group
Access training material
by clicking on the
product on the page
Getting Forms
Click on CFG SafeShield SI
Term Apps, Forms and Info
Select the correct state and
click next
Printing Forms
You can also access
ratebooks to do quotes
by hand or you can use
the NAA calculator
which is an excel sheet
Print off the new business
Print the application and
Replacement form.
Go ahead and print a
application for policy
changes part 1 and
application just in case
you need it later
Underwriting requirements
for the product can also
be accessed here
SIT Height-Weight Chart
SIT Unacceptable Risks
For SIT underwriting click on
the Unacceptable Risk
This will provide you a list of
what is approved for the
Quoting Software
For Quoting Software click
on NAA Calculator
Click on the SIT tab
To get the safeshield calculator on your smart phone send a email request to
[email protected] . They will email you a link back.
Running the Quote
Issue State: where ever they live
Plan Type: 100% money back, 50% or 0 Back
Level Premium Period: 30, 20, or 15 years
Issue Age: How old they are
Tobacco Class: Smoker or non smoker
Premium Mode: Monthly EFT
Riders: whichever they choose
It will show you the monthly Premium
It will also show how much they are
getting back at the end of the term

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