The University’s Academic
Integrity Tutorial & Quiz
Myles Gould (School of Geography)
Indira Banner & Mary Bullivant (School of Education)
Annual Pro-Deans/Directors of Student Education Event
Tuesday 1 October 2013
Great Woodhouse Suite, University House
2013/14 Implementation
Future Developments?
• Raise awareness of AI issues & necessary skills for
academic writing
– managing JH & elective students (‘One University’)
• Support students’ transitions to the University
• Reduce plagiarism investigations – good for staff,
students & the University
• The Academic Integrity Officers Network
acknowledged the benefits of campus-wide tutorial
& basic ‘driving test’
New Content (2013-14)
14 questions
Uses [email protected] Tutorial: http://library.leeds.ac.uk/tutorials/integrity/harvard/
2013/14 Procedures & Developments
• Now for TPG new starters (in addition to all Level-1)
• Quiz enhanced in consultation with AIOs,
[email protected] & plagiarism group
• On-line FAQs to support students
• Being delivered using a single ‘VLE organisation’
• Enhanced communications & reporting for staff
– e.g. item in next Student Education Bulletin
• Email student invitations & reminders will be sent
(supported by better records)
– as in 2012/13
• Crisper visual appearance in VLE
Future developments?
• Extending to more students including Level-2 & -3
refreshers (& Leeds graduates enrolling TPG)?
• Linking to Leeds-4-Life: appropriate boxes to
tick/discuss at first meeting of academic year?
• Fuse together tutorial & quiz (like on-line staff fire
safety training)
• Instant feedback in quiz
• Keeping tutorial & quiz up to date with AI policy
• Encouraging all schools to embed tutorial and quiz
Encouraging Embedment Elsewhere

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