History of Classical Gravitational Theory and General Relativity

Unit Title
Universal Gravitation, Speed of
Light, and Special Relativity
• Student groups will create a research
presentation which answers specific
questions about “History of Classical
Gravitational Theory” and “General
• Students will realize they can research
and understand difficult topics and
present it in a medium that helps others
to understand.
• Students will realize scientific theory and
discoveries impact scientific thought and
• The students communicate and apply
scientific information…through technology
based reports.
• Each team member must make a definite and
documented contribution to the presentation.
The role of each student must be clearly
• Each team should be prepared to give the
• The presentation must include at least two
references from which information is drawn.
• Presentation should not exceed 10 minutes.
History of Classical Gravitational
Theory Questions
• Give a brief overview of how gravity and
motion of the planets was viewed
historically before Newton. Include vies of
Aristotle, Galileo, and Kepler.
History of Classical Gravitational
Theory Questions
• Generally describe the life and time of
Isaac Newton, including his personal life.
Describe his major scientific
contributions, including his contribution to
the theory of gravity.
• What was the major contribution of Henry
Cavendish to the Universal Law of
General Relativity Questions
• What role does the equivalence of the
inertial and gravitational properties of
mass play in the development of general
• How does gravity correspond to the
bending of the space-time fabric?
• What is the Schwarzschild radius?
General Relativity Questions
• What are black holes, and are they real?
• How does gravity bend light? What is
gravitational lensing?
• What are worm holes, and are they real?
• What predictions of general relativity
have been verified, if any?
Essential Question
• How do history and science relate?
Unit Questions
• What is the relationship between gravity
and general relativity?
Content Questions
• Research and describe the historical
development of the concepts of
gravitational forces and general
Content Questions
• Describe motion relative to different
frames of reference.
• Explain the scientific contributions of a
variety of historical and contemporary
scientists on scientific thought and
Gauging Student Needs
• I will use a survey to see what the
students know or think they know.
Gauging Student Needs
• Brainstorm to see how the surveys
compare and see if students know
anything for prior research or
knowledge or do they use just what they
have heard other speculate about.
• Question students to see how sure they
are of their prior knowledge.
Gauging Student Needs
• After projects have been completed will
brainstorm again to find out what the
students think about the new
– What did they learn new?
– What surprised them about the new
– How do they think this will affect them in
the future?
How Will The Assessment Info
• How to direct the student research
• To confirm that they are really
researching instead of relying on prior
• How students can do presentation other
than power point
• Other ways to asses
• Final assessment ideas

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